Flicker Records’ debut punk band eleventyseven invites listeners into
its whimsical world of quirky, yet meaningful pop-punk on And the
Land of Fake Believe, releasing March 21. In conjunction with the
album’s launch, eleventyseven is now on a 30+-city tour with
headliner Superchic[k].
The group’s first label project is intentional in its bi-polar tone.
While maintaining the high-energy, fast-paced sound signature to punk
music, eleventyseven lyrically touches on teenage heartbreak and
other coming-of-age concerns. And the Land of Fake Believe is a
unique balance of reckless abandon and honest inquiry.
“Our music makes fun of almost everything,” comments frontman and
primary songwriter Matthew Langston. “I look back at experiences I’ve
had and have a huge laugh. But joking aside, we’re very serious about
our purpose. One of the major life themes adopted by this band is
learning from our own mistakes. I have made many. And the weight of
that is enough to drive me out of my mind sometimes. That’s why it’s
important to laugh, to learn to live with joy in forgiveness.”
Eleventyseven will take its show on the road through March as special
guest on Inpop recording artist Superchic[k]’s “This is Your Anthem
Tour,” alongside Seventh Day Slumber and KJ-52. The tour, which
opened in Cincinnati on Jan. 27, will visit nineteen states as well
as Canada. For a complete itinerary, go to www.superchickonline.com.
Matt Langston (lead vocals, guitar), Caleb Satterfield (bass), and
Jonathan Stephens (drums) have been cranking out their brand of
teenage, fun-frenzied music for nearly four years. Greenville, South
Carolina has served as home base for the band, which quickly expanded
its domain to include a majority of the East Coast.
With three well-
received independent releases already to its credit, the trio has
maintained a non-stop touring schedule, proof of its extreme
likeability and work ethic. Eleventyseven’s first radio single, “More
Than a Revolution,” released to Christian Rock radio Jan. 6, and the
group is currently filming a video for its song “Myspace” to debut in
the coming weeks. The group has signed an exclusive booking agreement
with the Jeff Roberts Agency. For more information on eleventyseven
visit: www.eleventysevenrock.com or www.myspace.com/eleventyseven.
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