Following the Board of Trustees Meeting in beautiful Savannah, GA, there was an Online Workshop for those interested in formatting courses in
WebCT. This program was directed by Dr. James Whitworth, who is on the faculty of Georgia Southern University and who uses WebCT to teach online
courses. Also making presentations at the workshop were Dr. Bob Wells and Charlene Stewart, both recently retired from Georgia Southern University.
Georgia Southern’s Coastal Center in Savannah was an excellent facility for attendees to learn technical techniques for presenting our courses. Dr.
Whitworth announced that the person from that group who designs the basic page format for use in our courses (using the
GCU logo) will receive a laptop computer. Several people are working toward that prize.
October 1-2, 2001 there will be a Christian Distance Learning Conference held on the campus of Harding University at the American Studies Institute
Conference Center. This event is cohosted by Global Christian University and Harding University. The event will begin with a dinner on October 1. The
speaker for this event will be one of our Partners, Bill McDonough of Partners in Progress. This conference is being held in conjunction
with the annual Lectureship at Harding University. The dinner will also serve as the Deacons and Preachers Dinner for the Lectureship. If you are interested
in attending and would like a brochure, send a request to office@gchristian.org.
We are stronger as a brotherhood when we work together. We have discovered that our Partners are very important to us. This month, World Christian
Broadcasting will begin beaming into Ukraine announcements about our Study Centers in that country. This is an important step forward. WCB is doing
an important work of preaching the Gospel by radio around the world. Their powerful antenna is located in Alaska. We are so thankful for the association
with this organization. Charles Caudill, their president, gave a very inspirational luncheon speech at our regular Board of Trustees meeting last month. If
you are interested in a copy of that speech, send a request to office@gchristianu.org and place “Caudill Speech” in the subject line.

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