Data Processing & The Bible

Tracy was just hired as a data-entry processor. Her first
assignment given to her was a lengthy, handwritten
spreadsheet. Along the side and top were a series of
abbreviations, and within, various numbers and letters.
“What does all this mean?” she asked David, her boss.
“I don’t have the time to explain it all to you now. Just
go into the company database and enter what you see.”
At the end of her first week, she was able to figure out
that the abbreviations along the top were the months of the
calendar year. Along the side, the abbreviations were for
sales representatives. By the end of the month, with some
help from her boss and her own deductions, she was able to
figure out the coded information. The first letter
corresponded to the site address, the second letter
corresponded with the location within the site address, the
third and fourth number represented the product, and the
fifth and six number was the retail price.
Two years and many more spreadsheets later, Tracy had
memorized the product codes to over 45% of the company’
inventory. She knew all the sales representatives by their
full names. She was able to make various comparative
analyses using the information she had acquired. She was
promoted twice, once horizontally, and once vertically.
Tracy continues to be a productive and beneficial addition
to her employer.
You may be asking, ‘What does that have to do with
anything?’ I’ll tell you…
Did you ever pick up the Bible and get frustrated because
you don’t understand? Have you attempted to study the
Bible but have given up? Do you think you are too dumb to
understand the Bible? Do you get discouraged when you look
around and everyone seems to understand, but you?
So many times we pick up the Bible and expect these awesome
revelations of God to come down like thunder, maybe like a
burning bush!. Not that it doesn’t happen every now and
then, but your ministers and leaders were once just like
yourself. We all have read and not fully understood. We
all have read and been confused. We all have been
overwhelmed and discouraged.
When we read the Bible, we shouldn’t get discouraged if we
don’t understand right away. What’s important, like in the
example above, is that we get the information in. The more
that we deal with the Word, the more familiar it will
become to us. The more we read, the more we will be able
to figure out the information that is being given to us.
Over time, more and more will become revealed to you and
you will be able to be productive with the information and
lessons within.
What we must remember is that God cannot take us where the
Word of God is not in our lives. If we don’t have the Data
within us, there is nothing to call up. If we are not
getting the Word in, there is nothing for God to retrieve
when He needs it. Your spiritual spreadsheet will come up
empty, and it will be because you failed to enter the Data.
God will help you with the processing, you just have to
worry about the ENTERing!
Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.
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