Curious George

For more than 65 years, children and adults alike have loved Margaret and H.A. Rey’s stories about a curious little monkey who always seems to get into trouble. Translated into 17 different languages – including Yiddish, Afrikaans and Braille – the s original story has never been out of print since it was first published.

Now, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, and producer Ron Howard bring the Rey’s beloved character to the big screen in an all-new animated feature film: Curious George. Based upon the Rey’s classic books, this film answers many Curious George questions. What is the name of The Man With the Yellow Hat? Why does he wear yellow? How do he and George meet? As in all of the books, George’s insatiable curiosity lands him and his new human friend into a mess of trouble.
In Curious George, Will Ferrell (Elf, The Producers) is the voice of Ted, the enthusiastic guide at the Bloomsberry Museum. He is giving a tour to a group of schoolchildren and their teacher Maggie, who is played by Drew Barrymore (E.T., 50 First Dates) and is Ted’s biggest fan. However, the Bloomberry Museum is losing money hand over fist and unless something drastic happens, it will be torn down and replaced by a parking lot. The museum’s owner, Mr. Bloomsberry, played by the incomparable Dick Van Dyke (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Poppins), shows Ted his secret journal with a map to a lost shrine of the African tribe of Zagawa. Mr. Bloomberry is convinced that finding and bringing back the gigantic idol for an exhibition will save the museum; and Ted is just the man for the job! Ted excitedly starts planning for his trip to Africa, shopping for the proper gear and clothing in – you guessed it – a bright yellow hat.
In the jungle, a mischievous little monkey spies Ted (who wouldn’t notice that color?) from a distance and makes friends with The Man with the Yellow Hat. When it’s time for Ted to leave, the mischievous little monkey stows away in the ship’s hold, and follows Ted back to his apartment in the city. When Ted discovers the monkey – whom he names George – he finds himself getting tangled in one simian adventure after another.

Fans of the original “Curious George” books will love the two-dimensional animation and the misadventures of George and The Man With the Yellow Hat. Rated G, this film is geared towards young viewers, with several fun twists thrown in for parents.
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