Crowne Music Signs Everlife

Tovah Music / Crowne Music is proud to announce the signing of Everlife, the third project in the partnership between the two labels.
“Everlife is one of those bands that is seemingly too good to be true. They are committed to touring, are fabulous musicians, have huge hearts for ministry and have created an amazing following on their own,” states Kevan Cyka, general manager of Tovah Music. “This band has a huge future ahead of them.”
Three sisters, Amber (19), Julia (14) and Sarah (17) started Everlife five years ago in their native Pittsburgh, PA when the then 9 year old Julia announced to the others that they needed to start a band. Their amazing harmonies and proficiency on numerous instruments, combined with natural songwriting talents made the young Julia’s idea a reality.
Over the past 5 years, the trio has consistently played 150 dates a year – starting anywhere they could find an audience. Everlife’s song “Lead the Way” was #1 on their local Pittsburgh Fish station, they played the mainstage at Lifelight Fest in South Dakota for 75,000 people, have done numerous mission trips overseas and sold over 5000 copies of their own acoustic CD out of the back of their van.
“When Kevan brought this project to us, we were just amazed at the talent these three girls possess,” continues Michael Turner, general manager of Crowne Music. “Crowne is always looking for artists that are striving for more than just making good music. The girls’ focus on missions was very attractive because they are not only embracing culture, they are affecting it. Plus, we really want the atmosphere at Crowne to feel like a family, and the personalities of the Everlife family fits great in our family.”
Crowne Music / Tovah Music is distributed by Word Entertainment / WEA and based in Franklin, TN. Everlife’s currently untitled debut album is scheduled for a August 24 release.


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