Artists for the United Nations

The Hollywood left has always been willing to denounce America in favor of utopian ideals which they believe can only be achieved by some country or entity other than the United States. Sometimes, in an effort to create controversy, artists embrace declared American enemies. Months before U.S. servicemen began the liberation of Iraq, actor Sean Penn traveled to Baghdad, only to later concede that he was used as a propaganda tool by Saddam’s regime. Many of Penn’s pals in Tinseltown joined his protest via the nation’s airwaves.
Though contentious, the Sean and Saddam show didn’t quite measure up to the controversy Jane Fonda created in 1972. Not content to lead anti-war protests stateside, Fonda toured North Vietnam, posed for photos with communist troops, and took to the airwaves of Radio Hanoi to broadcast anti-American propaganda.
In Act One of his career, Ronald Reagan used the presidency of the Screen Actors Guild to fight the communists in Hollywood. In Act Two, Hollywood took retribution by blaming nearly every 1980s social ill – and some since then – on Reagan’s presidency.
When the stars meet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood this year for the Academy Awards, a more subtle protest against American leadership will take place. Celebrities Drew Barrymore and Chris Cooper, a previous Oscar winner, will be among several dozen recipients and presenters sporting “Dove of Peace” pins to publicly display their belief in the “vision and mandate of the United Nations as the best organization to promote peace across the globe.”
“Artists for the UN,” was spawned by the UN non-governmental organization, Global Vision for Peace, which uses its “connections in media, the arts, philanthropy, Hollywood, government and activism” to harness the “power of a collective vision of Peace.” Not surprisingly, the effort is supported by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan.
Actors and actresses who wear the “Dove for Peace” pin are named “A Friend of the UN,” and are endorsing “the United Nations as the best organization to promote peace across the globe.” In doing so, they reject organizations like the Peace Corps, State Department, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the U.S. government as institutions which are better equipped and have better track records at promoting peace.
But Kofi Annan believes “legitimacy” in international affairs is largely a contest between the United States and the United Nations, and views it as a zero-sum game – what one has, the other doesn’t. If the United States seeks to eradicate terrorism, it has “no alternative but to go through the [UN Security] Council,” Mr. Annan told the BBC.
The Secretary-General believes that the United States may not make decisions as to what constitutes a threat to its national security and believes that in matters of defense, “it is only the [UN Security] Council that can provide the unique legitimacy that one needs to be able to act.”
Kofi Annan’s goal is to continue to build and expand the power and influence of the United Nations into a kind of international superpower which can challenge the United States on all fronts. It’s a long term goal, but part of the interim strategy is to enlist the help of the so-called intelligentsia, media, business community and celebrities to help construct a more noble image of the UN at the expense of the United States.
Other “Artists for the UN,” who are helping Mr. Annan in this quest are producer Robert Altman – who calls the American flag “a joke” – actress Susan Sarandon – who says she is “tired of being labeled anti-American – and author Kurt Vonnegut. Altman, Sarandon and Vonnegut are also signatories to a “Statement of Conscience” sponsored by a leftist organization, “Not in Our Name,” which urges Americans to oppose Bush administration policies which “pose grave dangers to the people of the world.” The statement also equates the terrorist attacks of September 11 with U.S. military action in Panama and Vietnam.
Altman, Sarandon, Barrymore, et al., would rather place their trust and destiny in an institution like the United Nations which grants membership to terrorist countries and allows brutal dictators like Moammar Ghadafi to head its Human Rights Commission. Some of these celebrities understand that when they allow themselves to be called a “Friend of the United Nations” and adorn themselves with pro-UN paraphernalia, they are making a subtle protest against the United States.
Others are simply duped by Mr. Annan. While the UN, in reality, is a safe-haven for terrorists, dictators and human rights abusers, Kofi Annan portrays it as the only institution capable of promoting peace, eradicating poverty and defending human dignity. In that regard, Kofi Annan is as good an actor as those who will be wearing his pins. And considering his disdain for the United States, the Academy might even award him an honorary Oscar.
Thomas P. Kilgannon is the President of Freedom Alliance an educational and charitable foundation dedicated to the promotion of the American heritage of freedom and the preservation of American sovereignty.


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