Cindy Morgan & Friends Light Up Knoxville Stage



When was the last time you were able to keep a secret from your parents successfully? If you’re like me, they always know what you’re up to almost before you do. Not so, Cindy Morgan and her father. For months Cindy and her family have been hiding the trade paper articles and reviews of her latest album, Listen. You see, the title song lyrics were written by her father when Cindy was a child — and is now his first published song. He turned his back on the opportunity to become a songwriter with RCA records some 20 years ago in order to provide a more stable environment for his children, including Cindy. Her parents still live in Harrogate, near Cumberland Gap just west of Knoxville, so it was appropriate that at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, October 5, with 39 members of her family in the audience, Cindy told the story of her father’s priorities and debuted Listen.

During the concert Cindy demon-strated her broad range as an entertainer and songwriter as she easily moved from hard hitting sound of ?Listen? to solo ballads like ?I Know You,? and then continued with soft rock favorites ?Sweet Days of Grace,? and ?I’ll Stand.?

Joining her in concert were Tuesday’s Child, made up of real life best friends Linda Elias and Lesley Glassford, who sang bright and encouraging songs such as ?Yours for All Time,? and ?Pilgrims? as well as high energy rocking favorites like ?Count On Me,? recounting the comfort of friends in our lives. “Think of your best friend when you listen to this,” we were told. Look for their second album next spring.

The dynamic Michael O’Brien brought his enthusiasm for Christ to the stage along with songs like his hits ?If I Said Nothing,? ? Conviction,? ?Think About You,? and ?If Ever I Forget.? Soon everyone was up on their feet and clapping. Then his down-to-earth conversation sharing his faith and God’s work in his life between songs created the intimate mood of a much smaller gathering. What a night!
Editor’s Note: I was privileged to be at this concert to hear Cindy honor her father with this lovely tribute. It was not only a wonderful night of music, but one of the most touching moments in music history which holds a special spot in the CA annals.



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