Cinco De Mayo Spotlight on Alvaro Lopez

World-renowned drummer and One Voice Records Dove Award-winning producer/recording
artist Alvaro Lopez has set his sights on breaking the world record for the Longest Drumming Marathon by an
individual. Lopez, considered by many to be one of the top drummers in the world, will attempt to achieve this lofty
goal during the 2003 Expolit Convention in Miami, FL May 14-17.
Dominique Pizzinat from the UK set the first Guinness World Record for Longest Drumming Marathon by an
individual in 1986. The title is currently held by South Africa’s Michael MacPherson, who played for 50 hours and
30 minutes in 2002. Lopez will attempt to break that record by playing continuously for 60 hours with only 15
minute breaks every eight hours, and 15 second breaks between each song.
“I1ve always had a burning passion to be the best at what I do,” comments Lopez. “I feel that God has put the
desire in my heart to break this record, and I believe that all my years of experience have prepared me for what will
be one of the biggest challenges of my life.”
Lopez began his award-winning professional career at a very early age by accompanying Emanuel, one of
Mexico1s most revered contemporary singer/songwriters. Lopez has since toured and recorded with such other
famous Latin American artists as Luis Miguel, Jose Jose, Menudo, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Lucero, Daniela Romo,
Yuri, Amanda Miguel, Juan Gabriel and Pedro Vargas. He has received endorsements by such well-known
corporations as Pepsi, Xerox, Direct TV, Meinal, Mapex and Regal Tips Signature Stix.
“I know that God is backing this up 100% and He is the one that is going to allow me to realize this dream.” Lopez
concludes, “If you can see it in your mind, you can reach it. Nothing is impossible.”


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