Cinco de Mayo 2002!

Last year I had an idea. I get those occasionally. Last year’s was particularly brilliant – with a few days to go, I decided to do some quick research and put together a Latin Spotlight for the Latin holiday best known in the United States. Although Cinco de Mayo is not a universal hispanic holiday, still it seemed an appropriate day to to honor some of the fine new Latin artists taking the stage recently in CCM circles. This was originally to be a one-week feature.
However, the Spotlight on Latin Christian Artists quickly took on a life of its own as one after another hispanic Christian artist was submitted by several different record companies, and almost a year later, the one-month feature is now one of our readers’ favorite sections.
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Latin Spotlight, I have been researching new artists, doing some interviews with existing Latin artists, and providing new info about this growing genre of Christian music including articles on Jaci Velasquez, Patty Cabrera, Freddie Colloca, Ileana Garces, Puchi Colon, Fernando Ortega, Salvador, Assiria and more. Stay tuned for daily articles and information about your favorite Latin Christian artists and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your amigos at¡Hasta luego!
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