Christmas Shoes Concert Review

Every year around this time there are dozens of concerts and special programs that fill the agenda, but rarely do find one that
truly touches you heart and soul. I had the privilege this past Sunday of attending The Christmas Shoes Concert in Lakeland, FL at
Victory Church and it was truly an unforgettable experience! There, I had the opportunity of hearing live for the first time talented
and anointed artists like Freddie Colloca, Ginny Owens, Mark Schultz, the groups Brother’s Keeper, and last but certainly not least
New Song!
First, the night kicked off with a wonderful ensemble of traditional music by the local church choir and boy did those harmonies
blew me away. Wonderful Christmas carols filled the air and it was then that I knew that my short drive from Tampa to Lakeland
was not in vane. I was in for a surprise when they introduced the first artist Freddie Colloca. He totally gave a Latin flavor to the
whole concert opening with hit singles like “Song of My Heart” and “You Chose My Heart”. His performance alone quickly
prompted me to buy his CD, which he graciously autographed during the intermission.
Next, came the southern group of Brothers Keeper, one of my favorites. Their songs and message was totally Christ centered.
Songs like “Take Me to the Cross” and “Silent Night” definitely showed their purpose of being there that night was to lift up the
name of Jesus. Just hearing them alone made you want to give an alter call, but that was only the beginning.
As Ginny Owens came on the altar, you felt as if you had known her all your life. She quickly confided that she expected
much milder weather for Florida, but was she in for a surprise when the temperatures had plummeted to the lower 40’s. She sang
and played a couple of songs like “The Christmas Song”, “I Am”, and “Walk Through the Valley” with such grace and peace.
It’s truly inspiring how her signature songs reflect who she is and what God has done in her life. In that brief moment of listening to
her, I realized this was truly a woman of God who ministered unto Him without an excuse. The message that she brought to the
concert was one of humility and brokenness before our Creator. He is the potter and we are the clay.
Then came Mark Schultz, who truly amazed me! This guy came as casual as possible with a t-shirt, baseball cap, and sweats,
but don’t let the outside fool you, because when he busted out playing the piano and singing songs like “Remember Me” and
“He’s My Son” you realized this brother was no joke! The presence of God was truly felt. He is such a talented person and made
the piano literally sing. The testimonies that he shared not only made you cry but also showed that he was a true friend with a
servant’s heart. It was as if his songs were pointing to that verse in the Bible that says: “Man looks at the outside but God looks at
the heart.” Who would have known that this simply dressed youth pastor would have such a powerful voice?
Finally, the main group that ministered, NewSong, came on stage. As the lights dimmed, you expected some young hip group like
Plus One jumping on stage pumping the crowd, but there was no need for that because when the sang “O Holy Night” you truly
felt the presence of God taking over with such strength. Each song was unique and wonderful, and the special effects like snow
falling and Mr. Grinch showing up created such a holiday feeling! They even had a local boy singing with them the “Christmas
Shoes”song. This was the first time I heard them live and I was truly impressed by the talent they had, one specific member of the
group played the saxophone, oboe, piano, bagpipes, plus he sang! That totally blew me away, and to top it all off they were able to
talk about Christ. This group not only took us to the manager in song, but also led us to the resurrection with “Arise My Love”. At
the end of the concert, the ! anointing was so strong that the altar was filled with people making decisions for Christ.
Every artist was able to perform twice and the quality in which they did was perfect. These people did not sing for the money,
because this concert was totally free, rather they came to minister to others with sincerity, present the Gospel, and just have some
down right fun celebrating the season. The talent and professionalism was incredible and made me feel proud to say that the
kingdom of heaven is filled with people ready, willing, and able to give their talent to the Lord and worship Him in Spirit and truth.
I came out of that church encouraged, joyful, excited and ready for a wonderful Christmas. The many concerts that I have paid and
attended in the past can’t equivocate to this one, because it was one done purely from the heart. Christmas is not about money or
expensive gifts, instead it’s about love, and especially God’s love poured out to us through his son, Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of
Peace and once He reigns in your heart He gives you a new song that has to be shared with others! That is exactly what these groups
of talented artists did. Each song sung and every instrument played was for God’s glory. The message was so simple that even a
child could grasp it; Jesus is the reason for this Holiday Season. Thank you everyone who helped make the Christmas Shoes
Concert unforgettable, it truly was a blessing to my life! Happy Holidays!


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