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Many Christian artists have responded in numerous ways to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon one week ago today. Michael W. Smith has helped organize and/or lead at least two services, one at a Franklin church and one at Nashville’s Centennial Park where he reminded the crowd, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Other artists like Cindy Morgan, the Katinas and Rachael Lampa also performed at the September 12th prayer service.Nashville Vigil for Victims
Smith just sent out the following statement: “Dear Friends,
What a week it has been. I hope and pray that God has been your strength
through this difficult time. I urge you to continue to pray for President
Bush and his advisors regarding the tough decisions that they will have to
make in the coming weeks and months ahead. In the wake of the tragedy that
our country has experienced, I have put together a couple of things that I
thought would be appropriate. May the Lord continue to draw us all closer
to Him in an awesome way.”
Michael W.
“Freedom” w/ George Bush and Billy Graham voice over
Amy Grant has partnered with the Red Cross, encouraging everyone to donate blood and funds to the relief efforts.
Crystal Lewis has recorded an encouraging song, “When God’s People Pray,” to call Christians to prayer. It’s a response to her children’s fears in the terror aftermath and is available for free download and use from crystallewis Online
CeCe Winans has announced she will donate some of the proceeds from her recent self-titled CD (Wellspring/Chordant) to a fund for the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. “This isn’t the time to lose faith,” she says. “This is the time to seek our faith.” CeCe will be a guest on a special live taping of
“Oprah” this Friday, September 21st (check local listings for airtimes). The
show is tentatively called “Music to Heal Our Hearts” in wake of last week’s
horrific terrorist attack on America and will feature a number of musical
guests. On this special show, CeCe will perform “Looking Back at You” from
her new eponymous CD. She will also join her brother, BeBe Winans, for a
special duet of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

Recording artist and author Kathy Troccoli spoke
before over 3000 women at an event in Nashville, TN on Saturday, September 15.
Addressing the tragic
events Americans had witnessed during the past week Troccoli, a New York native, encouraged compassion and a
of our faith as Christians during this time.
“My beloved city has lost so many souls, and the drastically altered majestic skyline is a reminder of the presence
of evil in this
world,” said Troccoli. “Let us keep an attitude of prayer, knowing that is where the true battle is won. We gain
wisdom on our
knees – power is released on our knees – love pours into our hearts on our knees.?Kathy Troccoli Speaks Out about America’s Tragedy
The World Vision sponsored SONICFLOOd Resonate Tour, beginning this weekend, will have a new focus in it?s relationship
with World Vision. In addition to seeking child sponsorships, SONICFLOOd will be speaking on behalf of World Vision?s American Families
Assistance Fund, designated to provide relief for the families and individuals affected by this weeks terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center and
Pentagon. “In light of this tragedy, we are all looking for anything we can do to help the families and victims and SONICFLOOd is grateful
for the opportunity to speak on behalf of World Vision.” says Rick Heil, lead singer for SONICFLOOd. “World Vision’s
American Families Assistance Fund is a great opportunity for Christians across America reach out with God’s compassion and to join the relief efforts.” World Vision’s American Families Assistance Fund has been established by World Vision to assist the families of the victims of
the terrorist?s attack on Tuesday. All funds will help address memorial/funeral assistance, grief and trauma counseling, financial
hardship and urgent life needs. The fund also will enable the churches in the Tri-State Area to offer immediate assistance. To donate, please call 1-800-700-4911 or visit worldvision. All donations are tax-deductible.
Rob Beckley, lead singer of Flicker Records band Pillar, could possibly be called up to active duty in the army reserves. Responding to the news Beckley said, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes for the United States, even if it means giving-up the ministry we have with Pillar for the time being. This is about freedom, freedom that men have fought for, and freedom that God has provided.” Pillar’s Rob Beckley Awaiting Call from Army Reserves
Insync Music and Insync artist Regi Stone are partnering to reach out with a tangible message of hope and comfort to the
people of the city of New York in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers. Thousands of copies of Stone’s Hands of Hope
Encouragement CDs are scheduled to be distributed this week in NYC by volunteers from the New York Christian community. The CDs will be handed out at the New York Armory, which is serving as the missing persons bureau for
the disaster, Chelsea Piers (the emergency operations center and makeshift
morgue) and Union Square Park (at the edge of the “frozen zone” where the
major memorial has been set up with candles and flowers).
Bob Halligan, Jr., the lead singer/songwriter of the celtic rock band Ceili Rain, had this to say about the recent events:
“The collective good must crush the evil, hate by definition cannot. Where
there is darkness, only light will conquer. We Ceili Kidz are awed by the
solidarity of man domestically and internationally, and urge it forward.
Join us in saying: “My heart is not a Junkyard, my mind is not a dump for
all the gunk around, my spirit’s not a Junkyard, no it’s Holy ground.”
Other statements:
Lisa Whelchel: I want to extend my heartfelt hugs to any of you who lost a loved one in last month’s
tragedy. I presume that each of us, along with our whole country, have cycled through many emotions this month. My
prayer is that the Holy Spirit, who is called ‘The Comforter’ and ‘One Who Comes Alongside,’ will draw us all close to
Himself in the kind of embrace that reaches to the very core of our fear and sorrow to transform us with peace and hope.
I believe He has already begun that work in our nation, and for that I am extremely grateful.
Bryan Duncan: I have felt sidelined and overwhelmed by the devastation in New York and Washington. I’ve only seen it on the news. Watching the unimaginable replayed over and over. I flew by the trade towers of NYC out of Newark to LAX, just two days before the attack. These events seem apocalyptic! Suddenly the concept of “biblical proportions” seems as believable to me as ever in my life. Wow the possible reality of a one world government and the anti Christ coming to power. And mass destruction of world powers and their armies doesn’t seem so much like science fiction. I didn’t realize until Tuesday how apathetic I’d become. How unmoved I’ve remained all these years watching one terrorist attack after another. I’ve thought about why God allows evil in the world. I think maybe because pain is our only wake up call. Our own suffering seems to be the strongest motivating force in the world towards change. I’ve been most moved by how quickly people, even political groups have dropped their own personal agendas and unified for the cause of recovery. And preferring others over ourselves has become a rediscovered truth to live by. It has to be a glimpse of the attitude that exists among the Saints and Angels in heaven. To the thousands who’ve lost loved ones this week I’m reminded of my own
> lyrics written several years ago but amazingly appropriate..
“Finally caught me at a loss for words, I never thought I’d see the day… Can’t imagine what you’re goin thru, there’s not a single thing to say… It wouldn’t fix it anyway, but come what may my heart will stay faithful to you!”
I pledge again my humble service to God and others this day. Like so many of us in America this week I pray: Show me dear God what I can do to be of service.
Jump 5: “It doesn’t seem possible. Just five days ago we were doing a concert for
Radio Disney in New York City and enjoying all the sights of the city,
including a visit to the financial district. We were as shocked and
saddened as anybody when the two huge towers were demolished by terrorists.
At times like these we hope you’ll join with us in recognizing the
blessings we have. Blessings to laugh, dance and enjoy friends and family.
Blessings to go where we want and enjoy all the benefits of freedom.
Blessings to worship God without worry.
With these blessings, join with us
in praying for our country and for the families who lost loved ones in this
tragedy. Please join us in doing a few
things that can make a big difference. Hug your parents. Hug your brothers
and sisters. Hug your friends. Tell’em you lov’em. That’s how we’ll all
get through this tragedy.”
“It is with heavy hearts that we send this email. We are deeply saddened by
yesterday’s tragic events. To those of you who have lost loved ones, we
send our sincerest condolences. For some of you that are older, this brings
to mind other past attacks on our nation, although perhaps none have been so
devastating. For those of you who are younger, it may be difficult to grasp
just how tragic these events are. This is an opportunity to serve, to
love, and to pray for our fellow Americans. Events like this have a way of
waking us from our American complacency, and causing believers and
non-believers alike to question what is real and what is truly important.
Let’s all take some time over the next few weeks to really examine how we’re
living our lives, in the grand scope of what’s truly important. Let us also
take this tragedy, which was intended for evil, and use it as an opportunity
to love those around us. This can be done through befriending those who are
alone, comforting those that are mourning, counseling those that are
confused, and offering ourselves as servants to those who need us.”
Larnelle Harris: I’ve been reflecting on a tv commercial I saw today. A guy has, excuse me for
being indelicate, indigestion. The young man seated next to him says, “try a couple of these; they’ll fix it” and the guy says..”maybe I need to see a doctor about this,”and the young man says “you just did.” There’s a neat, tidy response. Guy has pain– man fixes pain– end of segment. Wouldn’t it be great if the calamities in our lives could be dealt with so
easily? But we know, there really are no easy fixes. I know that sometimes people avoid offering a helping hand because they feel they lack the
expertise, or can’t quote the correct scriptures to make the hurt go away. I
know because I’ve been on both ends. God revealed to me long ago that the
most caring way to enter into someone’s pain is simply to be with them. Let’s
remember that and be ready. A song I wrote a few years ago expresses this
Someone you love is hurting
And you’ve done all that you know to help
Why you’d even take the load they bare
And carry it yourself
But if it seems there’s nothing you can do
Don’t just turn and walk away
This may be the time and place
When all you can do is say
I’ll help you cry
Lay your head on my shoulder and I
Won’t let you shed tears alone
Take my hand
Say the word and I’ll stay right here by your side
I have no words to ease the pain
And I don’t know how it all will end
But I’m your friend
And I’ll help you cry
(“I’ll Help You Cry” from the album BEYOND ALL THE LIMITS.
Words and music by Larnelle Harris)
AJ Mora: “I pray that in this time of “God consciousness” the truth of the cross would
reveal the peace and salvation from an even greater
eternal tragedy, my heart and prayers are with all who have suffered such
tremendous loss” God bless America.
PSALMISTRY: “To the USA: Sat in the studio, working on new tracks we were having a break in front of
the TV when the planes hit. Everything
stopped. It seemed so far away and yet so close, and I thank God that none of
us knew anyone in the USA near
either location. We pray that those personally affected can find some peace
in God and our thoughts and prayers
from this side of the atlantic are with you and your nation.
Darryl Cottier/DJ darryL: I watched the images happen through out the day, from my office safe and secure. I thought of the passage John 15:13 “Greater
love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”. And I saw that passage in action that day, again and again. My
heart cried out for the pain, I saw across the screen and the destruction born in sin. But my heart also swelled with pride in the
American way, and a country founded on a God that showed us the way, laying down His life for our benefit. 1 John 3:16 “The
Outworking of Love By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the
brethren”. Because of what we saw with the many firemen, police, and of the average Joe, we can rejoice with the angels that we have
not lost our first love. That we have seen the ultimate sacrifice that is humanly possible. And we as a country have shown the world
that we will not be swayed from our foundation. We need to stand together, pray for and support those who have suffered great loss,
and lift those up in prayers who will continue this battle on the front lines. I thank you for bringing me back to the cross and the
sacrifice made for the freedoms I have.
James 4:14 “Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time
and then vanishes away”.
Marcus Agemo Lovetree/Sweden:
“Me (Marcus) and my drummer (Urban) had a dinner this tragic day and we talk about how we could get closer
to Jesus in every step we take as humans and in Lovetree , and we got to the point when we felt that we have
to give everything up for Jesus christ , we have to be that faithfull like Abraham was when God told him to
sacrifice Isaac. And when we was walking away from the restaurant we heard this tragedy and my first thought
was that :-God help them not to loose their faith in God ,these peoble that lost their family members or other
relatives , we just prayed that may God be with them and show them that His grace is much bigger that we
ever can think. And we felt that day a very sad feeling.
Now when a week has gone I feel a great sorrow for the people that stands behind this, when we read the bible
we can see that Jesus has mercy on these people, too. Let’s just pray that the U.S government has clear eyes to do
the right thing . It may sound a bit weird but don’t mistake me when I say this that
It’s very easy to say “God bless America” like every Americans say but do all Americans really know what that
means?, I mean that “God bless America” we all want but there is also a lot of things in America that God can
not bless and that is things the government wants him to bless , i think every true christians in the U.S know
what that is.
Let’s pray that God has mercy on us all and that he is with all humans that have lost their lifes, and will loose it.
We will be updating this section as we hear from other Christian artists, so check back for more information on how the CCM artists are responding to these historic and tragic events.


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