Christian Activities Publications Join Forces with Book Publishing Venture

Christian Activities Publications publisher, Kathryn E. Darden, announced that has joined forces with a Nashville publishing company to help unpublished Christian authors bring their books to fruition. Through a relationship with book sellers like, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million, and through Christian Activities’ contacts in the Christian community, authors will now have the opportunity to be published and marketed in both the secular and Christian communities for affordable rates.
Thousands of authors have self-published successful books. In fact, the digital revolution has made it easy to turn your word processing file into a professional, bookstore quality book. One technology that makes this possible is “print on demand.” The digital file of your book is stored electronically and books are printed individually to fill customer orders. There is no longer a need to inventory thousands of books in order for you to get a reasonable per copy book price.
The struggle to get your work accepted by a traditional publishing house can be overwhelming. Authors can experience seemingly endless submissions to editors whose reasons for rejection may have nothing to do with the quality of work. Traditional self-publishing can offer a solution, but requires buying and storing hundreds or even thousands of copies of your book. However, self-publishing with our print-on-demand services allows you to maintain your editorial integrity without having to invest in an inventory of pre-printed books.
Kathryn Darden and Bob Allen at a recent author booksigning in Nashville.
Who Can Benefit From Our Publishing Plans?
• Unpublished Authors
• Authors With New Works
• Authors Needing Pre-release Copies
• Authors Wanting to Reprint Existing Works
• Authors Whose Books Are Out-of-Print
• Authors of Devotional Books
• Authors of Children’s Books
• Organizations Publishing Books as a Fundraising Event
• Genealogists and Family Historians
• Supplemental Educational or Motivational Materials
• Poets, Philosophers, Do-It-Yourselfers and more!
What does the new Christian Activities arrangement offer?
Becoming a self-published author can be an intimidating process as you weave your way through choices regarding production, marketing, and distribution of your book.
We can help guide you through the difficult process of deciding on the very best size, style and format for your book. These are production and marketing elements that make the difference between a bookstore quality book and a home copy center production. It is critically important to Christian Activities to make sure that your book is of the highest quality possible so that your creativity leads to a book you can be proud to have written!
By combining the resources of Christian Activities Publications with a local publishing company, we can offer authors of Christian books all the services of self-publishing plus some or all of the following:
• An article on the website for books that qualify, linking directly to the order page. *
• A classified ad on the website (100,000 unique visitors a month). *
• A classified ad in the magazine (distributed across Middle Tennessee). *
• A mention in the monthly Christian Activities email BLAST sent to 3,000 subscribers. *
• A professional press release emailed to 300 media contacts: print, radio, television and bookstores. *
• Publisher Kathryn E. Darden will offer advice on getting your book ready to print and market *
* Some restrictions apply depending upon the content of the book. Our partner publishing company accepts books from a wide variety of writers, but the Christian Activities package is designed for Christian books.
If you would like to find out more, simply email us at info at

Authors can exchange tips about publishing and promoting their own books at the Writers’ Exchange Group.



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