Chris Tomlin- Hello Love

“Hello Love” is the latest release from one of today’s best-known worship artists, Chris Tomlin. Those of you already familiar with Tomlin’s work will hear several of his signature powerful worship anthems on this release that are sure to make their way in to many Sunday church services.
You’ve probably already familiar with track-2, “Jesus Messiah,” which has quickly become a major hit on Christian radio stations.
The twelve songs found on “Hello Love” are filled with lyrics of praise and worship to a Glorious God. The track “Love” stands out with it featuring of the African Watoto Children’s Choir on it.
Some other tracks that stuck out to me include, “You Lifted Me Out,” an electric guitar, and driving drum beats filled P&W song that sounded very reminiscent of bands like Delirious?, and Hillsong.
Another favorite track of mine was, “Praise the Father, Praise the Son.” This song features a very simple arrangement that starts out softly with an organ playing in the background that near the end builds up to more driving beats. The song also features nice vocal harmonies between Tomlin and Christy Nockels (Watermark).
The most rocking track on “Hello Love” is track-10, “With Me.” This is a fast paced rocking guitar and drum filled song that deals with living your life in step with the Lord.

For those of you hoping to catch Chris Tomlin playing live you’re in luck because there is a “Hello Love Tour 09” planned that will kickoff in January and run through April hitting many cities. You can find out more information about it at his website- .

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