China’s House Church Movement Grows

After a recent trip to China, World Bible Translation Center president, Dale Randolph, reported how measurable growth in China’s house church movement
is tied to the Center’s distribution of its Easy-to-Read Chinese Bible.
Randolph described how conversions and new churches trail after the Center’s Bible distribution efforts. “In the last seven years the Center’s distributions
have resulted in over 360 baptisms and 62 new churches. And that’s only what we know about!” said Randolph. “I have baptized 50 people in the last two
years,” said Xiang, (not his real name) WBTC’s primary contact. “It’s such a joy to see how they treasure the Bibles so much. The Bibles have spread the
Good News all over the country,” he said.
The Translation Center prints its Easy-to-Read Chinese Bibles inside China. “It’s a tricky and perilous process because of the difficult political climate in
China,” said Randolph. “But we’re working with some dedicated people who make sacrifices every day to get the Word out.”
Randolph said that Bibles are distributed within days after they come off the press and most often, whole printings are spoken for before they go to press.
Randolph described how each month an average of 12 people are baptized and three or four new house churches are started. Xiang believes that in the next
five years, there will be at least 600-800 more people baptized and some 200 more churches should begin as a result of the Center’s distribution efforts.
“I’m very confident about this,” he commented, “… more Bibles impact more people.”
The Translation Center is in the process of printing 100,000 complete Chinese Bibles which should be finished by mid-summer.


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