Carman Stars in “Carman: The Champion”

8X Entertainment presents “Carman: The Champion” as its first follow up to “The Omega Code,” the #1 limited release film of 1999. Notwithstading the movie’s somewhat confusing title, Carman doesn’t play himself. “Carman: The Champion” is the story of Orlando Leone, a former Cruiserweight Champion turned preacher who is black-mailed back into the ring to save his father’s dream of creating an inner city youth center. More than this, “Carman: The Champion” is a story of faith, perseverance and integrity.
Producer Matthew Crouch founded 8X Entertainment with a vision of releasing highly entertaining feature films that would
serve as modem day parables, playing out in the “church corners of the New Millennium.” This mission began when the company
produced “The Omega Code,” the stunningly successful indie film. Not only does the film’s premise exemplify this concept as it
follows a godly man’s struggles to maintain his faith while the whole world piles up on his shoulders, but the film’s star, best-selling Christian music artist Carman, is an example of what it means to walk out this life of faith.
Carman makes his big screen debut in the film, following in the footsteps of such amazingly talented gospel
singer/actor/entertainers as Al Green and Aretha Franklin. Having sold over eight million albums, and played before sold out arenas
like Madison Square Garden and Reunion Center, Carman also holds the distinction of performing before an audience of more than
71,000 at Texas Stadium, the largest Christian concert ever for a solo performer.
“Carman: The Champion” also stars Michael Nouri, Jed Allen and Latina film, TV and singing sensation Patricia Manterola. The film also features real life Cruiserweight contender Jeremy Williams as Carman’s opponent in the ring, causing many to describe the fight sequences as “Raging Bull in color,” with some of the best boxing ever captured on film.
Good movies come and go, but it is this one-two punch of thematic content and strong entertainment value that has 8X
Entertainment confident and excited that “Carman: The Champion” will score them another big knock-out at the box office.
Simultaneously premiering March 1 in Hollywood, Miami and Oklahoma City, the action-packed character driven story moves at an
inspiring pace, twisting and turning emotions and relationships with every scene, drawing the audience into the lives of everyday
people who are all searching for something bigger than themselves.
“Carman: The Champion” opens nationally March 2nd, 2001.
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