Canada’s Gospel Vibe Awards 2003

The Vibe Awards weekend begins with a New Artist Showcase on
Friday evening, followed by an extensive seminar on Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. entitled Christian Music Industry Inside-Out. Both events are being
held at the city’s Centre Street Church.
Voting for the Vibe
Awards begins over the Internet at and through
the Blessings Christian Marketplace bookstore chain on Friday, April 4.
Gospel music fans throughout Canada are each able to cast a single
ballot. The winners will be announced during ceremonies at Calgary’s
Telus Convention Centre on Saturday, May 24 in a show featuring 25
of the country’s top gospel performers.
In all, 46 Canadian gospel artists and songwriters are vying
for the 14 Vibe Awards to be given out in 2003. Ontario boasts the
largest number of nominees with 18, followed by Alberta with nine
and British Columbia with six. Artists from every province except
Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland were nominated.
Last fall, 419 gospel music fans applied on the Vibe Awards web
site for the opportunity to become nominations judges. From this list, a
panel of 56 judges was randomly drawn with the prerequisite that there
was equitable representation from every region in the country. The
judges, ranging in age from 16 to 58, are comprised of 35 women and
21 men.
Tickets for the Vibe Awards can be purchased nationwide through
the Blessings Christian Marketplace store chain at 1-866-253-7739 or
over the Internet at
Extensive information is also available at For more information contact: Peter Fleck, Nominations/Media
Director (403) 590-1574 or
2003 Vibe Awards Nominees

Artist Of The Year
Carolyn Arends (British Columbia)
Steve Bell (Manitoba)
Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)
Jake (Alberta)
Starfield (Manitoba)
Male Vocalist Of The Year
Riley Armstrong (British Columbia)
Steve Bell (Manitoba)
Matt Brouwer (Nova Scotia)
Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)
Mark Mallett (Alberta)
Female Vocalist Of The Year
Carolyn Arends (British Columbia)
Cheryl Dunn (Ontario)
Lianna Klassen (Alberta)
Martine (New Brunswick)
Anita Paul (Ontario)
Group Of The Year
downhere (Saskatchewan)
Four For The Lord (Nova Scotia)
Jake (Alberta)
Russ Rosen Band (British Columbia)
Starfield (Manitoba)
New Artist Of The Year
Cheryl Dunn (Ontario)
Four For The Lord (Nova Scotia)
Janelle (Alberta)
Martine (New Brunswick)
Saj (Ontario)
Song Of The Year
Alive In This Moment/Tim Neufeld & Jon Neufeld of Starfield (Manitoba)
Anybody Else/Carmon Barry for Cheryl Dunn (Ontario)
Army Of Love/Toby Penner & Josh Penner of Jake (Alberta)
Change The World/Debbie Zepick (Alberta)
In The Cross/Richard Ash for The Master’s Four (Ontario)
Let Your Love Rain/Karen Anderson (Alberta)
Soar Like An Eagle/Jackie Cherian for the Toronto Mass Choir (Ontario)
Stand/Robert Wilson & Kevin Manness of Resurrection & Life (Manitoba)
Threw It Away/Michael Cavallo of One Cross (Ontario)
You Shine/Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)
Rock/Alternative Album Of The Year
Only Eye Watching/Esoteric (Ontario)
Close Like A Brother/Fridays Cry (British Columbia)
Shake This Place/Mark Lewis Band (British Columbia)
Human/Lost Coin (Ontario)
Tumbling After/Starfield (Manitoba)
Contemporary/Pop Album Of The Year
And Your Praise Goes On, Volume 3/Jon Buller (Manitoba)
You Shine/Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)
Army Of Love/Jake (Alberta)
New Day/Janelle (Alberta)
One Step/Jackie Ungar (Ontario)
Inspirational Album Of The Year
Journey Songs/Karen Anderson (Alberta)
We’ve Been Waiting For You/Carolyn Arends (British Columbia)
Because Of Love/Kelita (Ontario)
Once Upon A Time Forever After/Lianna Klassen (Alberta)
Everything Beautiful/Crystal Wheaton (Nova Scotia)
Country/Bluegrass Album Of The Year
Stand Your Ground/Canada’s Double Portion (Saskatchewan)
There Is Life/Dry River Boys (Manitoba)
Anybody Else/Cheryl Dunn (Ontario)
Reflect/High Valley (Alberta)
Love Holds On/Mark Mallett (Alberta)
Southern Gospel/Traditional Album Of The Year
Making Waves/Four For The Lord (Nova Scotia)
I Need You/Andrew Martin (Ontario)
Tell Me The Story Again/The Master’s Four (Ontario)
Saved!/NorthernBlues Gospel Allstars (Ontario)
Odyssey/Torchmen Quartet (Ontario)
Urban/Soul Album Of The Year
Lift Your Hands In The Sanctuary/Heart To Heart Outreach (Ontario)
So Good/Jireh Gospel Choir (Quebec)
Goin’ Up Yonder/Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir (Quebec)
Life/Saj (Ontario)
Instrument Of Praise/Toronto Mass Choir (Ontario)
Rap/Hip-Hop/Dance Album Of The Year
The Promise That Heaven Kept/Promise d’Apostle (Ontario)
Tha Wordship & Tha Praise; Tha Blacksmith & The Blade/
Resurrection & Life (Manitoba)
Higher Heights/Testament (Ontario)
Worship Album Of The Year
You Shine/Brian Doerksen (British Columbia)
Goin’ Up Yonder/Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir (Quebec)
Tumbling After/Starfield (Manitoba)
Instrument Of Praise/Toronto Mass Choir (Ontario)
Here I Am/Westhills Worship Warriors (Alberta)
Provincial Breakdown
Ontario — 18 Nominees up for 22 Awards
Alberta — 9 Nominees up for 16 Awards
British Columbia — 6 Nominees up for 12 Awards
Manitoba — 5 Nominees up for 11 Awards
Nova Scotia — 3 Nominees up for 5 Awards
Quebec — 2 Nominees up for 3 Awards
Saskatchewan — 2 Nominees up for 2 Awards
New Brunswick — 1 Nominee up for 2 Awards


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