Book of the Month — Evangelpreneur: Why Churches and Christians Are Failing Financially by Josh Tolley

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Sought-after motivational speaker and radio/TV personality Josh Tolley has penned a book on church and Christian finances.
According to the Wall Street Journal, religious groups that took in half of all charitable contributions in 1990 now get less than a third due to a shift in generational giving habits. Barna research indicates that in 2011 only four percent of Americans gave ten percent of their income to churches, a drop from the previous year’s rate of seven percent of Americans. A quarter of Americans stopped giving altogether to churches. The president of Barna Group stated that as the recession kicked in, people began cutting back their giving to churches and other charities. And though the economy started to show signs of improvement, people were reluctant to return to their previous levels of generosity. This decrease in tithing is part of the reason 4000 to 7000 churches go bankrupt each year. In his new book, “Evangelpreneur,” author, speaker and TV/radio host, Josh Tolley, addresses why churches – and Christians — are failing financially and what they can do to reverse the trend.
“I want people to understand that entrepreneurship, not employment, is God’s plan for His people,” says Tolley. “This book destroys the lies such as getting out of debt is going to fix the problem, it takes money to make money, just do what you love, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, and a number of other lies that stop people from earning money the way God designed. It also addresses how it is the responsibility of every pastor and church to teach people how to make money, not just what to do with it.”
Tolley agrees with most experts who predict there is a 50-75% chance of a recession in the next one to four years, and he believes most people – including Christians – are woefully unprepared.
“We need to have a paradigm shift in the church,” says Tolley. “If it is God who gives the power to create wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18) and God also says you cannot serve God and money, we see that entrepreneurship is actually how you serve God with money. Employment is when you serve money by submitting your life to another master. This concept is in direct contrast to how most Christians were taught.”
Tolley, a radio talk show host whose show has been heard by over eight million people, has been an outspoken advocate for the Fair Tax, and served as a national television anchor for the Free and Equal Elections Foundation presidential debate in 2012. He has called for abolishing the Federal Reserve and reinstating Congress as the head of the Treasury, which he says, would result in nearly zero unemployment. But Tolley’s main thrust is to encourage people to find what he calls their “meaning of life,” and build a business from that foundation.
Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25 that misusing money, including just saving it and playing it safe, is a sin and is punishable,” says Tolley. “It is important to note, however, that ‘Evangelpreneur’ is not a ‘prosperity gospel’ book. It is not about getting rich or sowing your last dollar into a ministry believing for a million fold return. Rather this book is a hard-hitting look at how we have been teaching the wrong things regarding money, life’s calling, and serving the Kingdom for the last 100 years.”
About Josh Tolley:
“The Josh Tolley Show” is heard in all 50 states and in 160 nations, and his content has been streamed, downloaded and broadcast to over 8 million people. Tolley is a Liberty Award nominee, was featured in the short film Elektable , and served as a national television anchor for the Free and Equal Elections Foundation presidential debate in 2012. He has appeared on CBS, NBC, TBN, Messianic TV, the Church Channel, and many other television and radio shows. For more information, visit
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