Bloody Sunday



Where is the public outcry over the Pakistani Christians who were killed Sunday while they worshipped in their church?
While the liberal media machine is going after scintillating stories in an effort to bolster rating, they are calling this
past Sunday “Bloody Sunday” as they describe a family that was accidentally killed when a bomb went astray during the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. Reportedly, 13 civilians were accidentally killed.
On the same day, unidentified gunmen, almost certainly Islamic, fired on a St. Dominic’s Roman Cathloic church in the Punjab province town of Bahawalpur, leaving 16 dead.
According to a story in the L.A. Times, the massacre was an attempt to undermine the Musharraf regime’s ties to U.S., analysts say. The terrorist attack took place in the as protestant congregants were singing the final hymn of the Sunday service right before the Catholic Mass was to begin. At least nine more people were wounded. Although the massacre occurred in a Catholic church, the victims were Protestant members of an umbrella congregation that includes Lutherans, Presbyterians and Anglicans.
Where is the public outcry over the Pakistani Christians who were deliberately killed Sunday while they worshipped in
their church? Where are the images of people who had been quietly and peacefully praying, crying in fear and begging for mercy as terrorist gunmen intentionally stormed this Pakistani church to deliberately kill the Christians peacefully praying there? Where are the images of dead Christians lying in the rubble?
We hit a house in Afghanistan. It was a sad mistake. I mourn with you the loss of any life, especially innocent civilians (such as the 6,000 innocent American civilians and their guests at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in a small field in Pennsylvania.)
On the other hand, in neighboring Pakistan, six gunmen
deliberately stormed a small church with automatic weapons and deliberately killed 16 Christians as part of their ongoing “holy war” against all other religions, and against all other forms of the Muslim religion. Of the 16 killed, 15 were worshippers, including the minister conducting the service, as well as the security guard. Although Pakistan has a history of tolerance for Christians, churches in most Islamic countries are forced to meet in secret, and even in “tolerant” Pakistan, congregants had to have a policeman to protect them from attack.
Yes, it was a Bloody Sunday as these Christians were slaughtered, as they have been before in Muslim countries,
and as they will be again. The “holy war” is something the Taliban and other radical Islamics want, welcome, and have aggressively pursued for years. Many Christians have been killed for years in Islamic countries, where being a Christian is a capital offense. Where is the media outcry over that?
Where is the continuing media outcry over the monkey triel of Dayna Curry and the other relief-workers held prisoner by the Taliban? Where is the public outrage over these American girls taken hostage for allegedly having gospel materials on hand as they brought in relief packages for the Afghan people?
Could it be that Christians are tortured and killed so frequently and with such gusto in parts of Africa, China, and the Muslim nations that it is just not newsworthy anymore? That might be partially responsible for the lack of outrage over this massacre, but it doesn’t totally explain the lack of coverage. Could it be the unfortunate deaths of 13 Muslims is so unusual it is considered breaking news? Doubtful; after all, the different Muslim factions have been killing each other, including women and children, for a thousand years (yes, even during Ramadan) and that doesn’t make the news much either. Perhaps it is just the American media’s misguided attempts again to appear “objective” by simply being critical of America and disassociating itself from our country’s Christian heritage after a few precious weeks of almost patriotic unity.
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