Artists Raise Funds for Christ Community Church

Some of the music industry’s most influential artists have
donated their time and talent to create a unique studio recording,
re:newal – the art of community. The project was developed to help raise
funds for a newly completed building at the artists’ home church, Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN. The recording features many new songs
that can only be found on the re:newal CD and purchased only at Christ
Community Church or by ordering online at

More than 100 individuals who work daily in the Christian, country and pop
music genres generously donated their time, talent and resources to create
re:newal, which features 18 mostly original, previously unreleased tracks. The featured artists, all members of Christ Community, include: Jars of
Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, Alison Krauss, Wes King, Ginny Owens, Scott
Krippayne, Denise Jones (Point Of Grace), John Schlitt (Petra), Charlie
Peacock, Out of the Grey, Sandra McCracken, Derek Webb (Caedmon’s Call),
Steve Green, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Buddy Green, Gordon Kennedy, Andrew Osenga,
Cason Cooley (The Normals), Owsley, Jonathan Noël and Dick and Mel Tunney.
“This project represents both the great diversity and the true community
that permeates the walls of Christ Community,” explains Dan Haseltine of
Jars of Clay. “It has been exciting to grow up with such culturally
relevant teaching. This teaching has certainly been a cornerstone of the
songs and spiritual journey of Jars of Clay.”
Scotty Smith, Christ Community Senior Pastor, says, “In the 22 years I have
lived in the Nashville area, I have had the great joy of watching many
albums come to life, but this one will go down as my favorite. These songs
have been performed, recorded and graciously given to Christ Community
Church.” Smith planted Christ Community in Franklin along with five other
couples in 1986. Since then, the church has grown and nearly 3,800 people
now attend services each weekend. Christ Community has become a haven for
musicians, writers, and many of the creative types found in and around
The re:newal CD was co-produced by four Christ Community church members:
David Hampton, Worship Director at Christ Community; Matt Huesmann of
Community Worship Resources; Don Donahue of Rocketown Records; and Grant
Cunningham of EMI Music. David Hampton is hopeful that this collaborative
effort will inspire other churches to exercise creativity in their
fundraising efforts. “Church leaders should encourage their community
members to contribute creatively, not just fiscally. Our church happens to
be blessed with musicians, but other churches may be blessed with a network
of authors, chefs or architects.” The key, says Hampton, is to encourage
creativity. “There’s no end to the possibilities when family members begin
to think outside the box. I hope the re:newal project inspires others to
stretch the limits of creativity to benefit their local churches.”
The re:newal project has generated more than $25,000 for the Christ
Community Church building fund since September. The CD is priced at $25 and
is being sold at the church as well as online at renewalcd. Also
available at the church and website are limited edition prints of the CD
cover art created by David Arms, renowned artist and member of Christ
Community Church, specifically for the re:newal project.
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