Appropriate Movies



The other day me and a couple of mom’s were talking about movies our kids watch
and how we want to protect what their eyes and hearts take in. I told them about
a wonderful tool my husband and I have used through the years to determine if a
movie is appropriate or not. They were so excited and grateful for the
information; I thought I should pass it on to you. It is a website called:
You can click on a movie or a video title and find extremely detailed info on
current movies. It lists in very specific terms any offensive language, bad
attitudes, any use of alcohol or drugs, violence, sexual content, intense music,
imitative behavior, etc. It also has a section on topics parents can discuss
with their kids as well as a plot summary and character analysis. Anytime we’re
thinking about taking the kids to see a particular movie it is just habit to
check first. Anyway, just thought I’d share this very practical
tool with you. In this day and age we can never be too careful! Happy parenting!

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