Alvaro López

With some styles of music, the melody matters most. With others, it’s the
harmony. But for Latin music, nothing is more important than the beat, and
no single band member is more important than the drummer is. It is the
drummer who inspires the band, calls the audience to the dance, and builds
the tension that finds its ultimate release in an explosion of passion and
energy. In Latin music, rhythm is not a mathematical equation than finds
its expression in beats and rests. Rather, it is the essence of life
itself, the heart beating out its fondest dreams and deepest emotions. This
is why Latin music audiences hold the drummer in such high regard – and why
few drummers are respected more highly than Alvaro López.
Considered by many music critics to be one of the top drummers in the world,
López’s considerable talents are evident on his first
English-language production, The Alvaro López Project, on One Voice Records,
one of the world’s leading producers of Latin-flavored Christian pop.
The Alvaro López Project showcases a dizzying mix of Latin-flavored jazz,
funk, and gospel-influenced tracks, each more surprising and innovative than
the last. Lopez has engaged some of the world’s finest session players
(Abraham Laboriel, John Peña, Luis Conte, Mike Lando) and guest vocalists
(Yuri, Rodrigo Espinosa, Paul Garcia and Abel Orta) to weave an intricate
tapestry of rhythm and instrumentation.
Alvaro López is no overnight success. At a very early age, he debuted
professionally as a drummer at the Degollado Theater in Guadalajara, Mexico.
By the time he was 14, he was called to accompany one of Mexico1s most
renowned contemporary singer/songwriters, Emmanuel. As a result of that
performance, Lopez toured and recorded with such other famous Mexican
artists as Jose Jose, Menudo, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Lucero, Daniela Romo,
Yuri, Amanda Miguel, Juan Gabriel and Pedro Vargas.
By 1987, López was touring the entire Western Hemisphere with Luis Miguel,
currently one of Latin America1s biggest pop music stars. Success
eventually overwhelmed him, and in the midst of his worldwide fame and
fortune, his personal life collapsed to the point that he attempted suicide.
As he recuperated from his self-inflicted wounds, fellow musicians led him
to the Lord. Lopez left everything behind to commit his life – and –
talents entirely to Christ.
Shortly after his salvation, Lopez and his two best friends from the Luis
Miguel Band – Heriberto and Hector Hermosillo – formed a Christian group
called Torre Fuerte (Tower of Strength). Torre Fuerte toured all of Latin
America and the U.S., bringing a message of faith, hope and love. As a
member of Torre Fuerte, Alvaro was honored with a Dove Award for Best
International Artist.
In 1997, Alvaro López, left Torre Fuerte. His solo musical vision
eventually evolved into Alvaro López and the Res-Q-Band, which consists of
Gabe Terrado on guitar, Nando Hernandez on keyboards, Abel Orta and Paul
Garcia performing vocals and Lopez. The band has recorded two Spanish
language albums for One Voice Records – Por Amor (For Love) and the recently
released Sueños (Dreams), the Spanish-language version of The Alvaro López
The Res-Q-Band’s name sums up Lopez1s new purpose in life. He recalls being
inspired during a pre-concert devotion. “I felt the conviction of the Lord
fall upon me. I was beginning to lose my focus. Success and fame were
starting to take over my thoughts as they had in earlier days. God showed
me clearly that He had rescued me from all of that, and gave me the vision
for the Res-Q-Band. My mission is now reflected in the name of my band – I
want to rescue souls from death for the Kingdom of God.”
With over 15 tracks, The Alvaro López Project has innumerable musical
highlights. In the smooth, R&B influenced “Dreams,” Lopez expresses his
gratitude to God for saving him. “This is one of my favorites,” says Lopez.
“When I look back and think about where my life was without God, I start to
cry. I’m grateful that He gave His life for me and set me free. His dream
came true when he brought me back to Himself.”
Other album highlights include “Live Without Your Love” and “Your Love Fills
Me,” soulful R&B tunes stylistically reminiscent of Fred Hammond and Kirk
Franklin. The themes of love and life saturate Lopez’s lyrics. “I1ll never
stop singing about these two things, for the Lord1s love has saved me and
given me life!” comments Lopez. “What could ever be more important to sing
No one knows better than Lopez how easy it is to gain the whole world, but
lose your soul. These days, living in Mexico with his wife and children, he
is no less intense about the power of percussion. But Alvaro Lopez’s beat
now beckons his listeners to salvation, and the rhythm reverberates through

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