Allen & Allen Music Group to Release America’s Spirit

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the World Trade
Center attacks, Allen & Allen Music Group (AAMG) will service America’s Spirit, a promotional CD
containing original patriotic arrangements by award-winning inspirational Jazz duo Allen & Allen and the
newest artist to emerge from Allen & Allen Music Group, 7th Element. Featured on the CD will be Allen &
Allen’s instrumental medley of “America The Beautiful” and “God Bless America,” as well as 7th Element’s
a cappella arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner,” off their critically acclaimed debut release,
Volume One.
Allen & Allen saxophonist Allen Wiggins, co-founder of Allen & Allen Music Group, comments on the
creation of the project. “Even before the events of last September took place, we had begun making song
selections in preparation for our upcoming March 2003 release, Impressions. Last summer, we wrote
the ‘Bless America’ medley for a festival at which we would be performing. We received such a wonderful
response to the patriotic medley that we decided to include it on our next album.”
“With the turn of events September 11, the medley took on new meaning. To us, the medley is America’s
prayer for healing, not only for those who have lost friends and family members, but also for the country as
a whole, reminding us all to embrace the pride of America as we seek God’s blessing,” Wiggins continues.
Pianist Bruce Allen and co-founder of AAMG adds, “I remember well last September when I received a
phone call informing me to turn on the television because something terrible had just happened. That day
saddened my heart. Now today, almost a year later, the American lifestyle has been greatly altered by the
acts of terrorists in our country.”
“Music has always been an effective way to change the emotional landscape of people’s hearts,” says
Bruce. “With our own hearts being greatly affected by this heinous act, we decided to take two songs that
lie at the soul of America’s heritage and arrange them in a way that is soothing to the ear. America’s
Spirit is intended to rekindle the emotion that invokes peace & harmony without the commotion that
ignites wars & agony. “
America’s Spirit will be serviced to approximately 1000 gospel announcers during the 2002 Gospel
Announcer’s Guild at the 35th Annual Convention of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA)
August 10 – 16 in Detroit, MI. Founded by the renowned Reverend James Cleveland, the GMWA is the
largest independent gospel convention of its kind. An additional 400 promotional CDs will be given away
during the Soulful Praise…The History of Gospel Music Reception hosted by Dr. Bobby Jones in
conjunction with the GMWA and SGN The Light, a 24-hour, satellite-distributed gospel radio format, owned
and operated by Sheridan Broadcasting’s Sheridan Gospel Network. 7th Element is slated to perform at
that event held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Sunday evening.

The label further plans to maximize radio and television airplay through a direct mail promotion by servicing
several hundred top mainstream and Christian stations, including Radio & Records (R&R) radio reporters,
nationally syndicated television and radio shows, as well as targeted media in major market cities such as
Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and D.C.
7th Element, who has been drawing comparisons to multi-GRAMMY and platinum-selling artist, Take 6,
has performed their arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner,” at various events across the country,
including the recent Jacksonville Devil Ray’s/Seattle Mariner’s game with an upcoming performance
scheduled at the WNBA Miracles’ game in Orlando next month. The group also performed the song for
cancer survivors of the Walt Disney Cancer Institute of Florida Hospital in Orlando, shortly after 9/11 last
year, and made a recent television appearance on LESEA Broadcasting’s “The Harvest Show,” reaching
nearly 70 million people.
7th Element consists of the four Greene brothers, Curt, Darren, Garth, and Kevin, as well as long-time
friends, David “Dee” Glover and Marc Dwyer. Marc and David sang together in another group in New York
for seven years, and were both signed to two separate mainstream deals, one with Capitol Records and
the other with Epic/Sony. They eventually walked away from those mainstream agreements in order to
pursue gospel music, joining the Allen & Allen Music Group roster with the release of their debut album,
Volume One.
Marc Dwyer, a native New Yorker reflects, “We hope that as we commemorate a very dark and solemn time
in our nation’s history that our spiritually uplifting rendition of these songs will serve as a reminder of where
our strength as a nation truly comes from. In these days when we are urged to ignore that we are ‘one
nation, under God, indivisible,’ we hope to reinforce the fact that it is because of God, our belief in him, and
our leaders’ dependence on him, that we are the great nation we are today.”
Founded by critically acclaimed and award-winning inspirational jazz duo Allen & Allen, the AAMG roster
includes new artist 7th Element, gospel music icon Reverend Arthur T. Jones, comedian Rod Z, and new
artist Pastor Rudolph McKissick, Jr. and The Word and Worship Mass Choir. For additional information
regarding AAMG or its artists, please visit the following websites:,,,, and


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