Chonda Pierce Tour Journal Entry

You know it’s true: God NEVER tempts us more than we can stand! I didn’t eat
a single bite of Funnel Cakes while I was at the County Fair this time.
Maybe it was because the Fried Pickles and Bloomin’ Onion trailer was closer!!!
The little tent was over flowing and folks seemed to have a good time!
I always just have to read their faces — because you can’t hear them very
well when you’re outside. It’s hard on your “timing” as a comedian!
You know, I have decided that we just have to start carrying a film crew
on the road! The funniest things happen when you don’t write it, you don’t
expect it and you really don’t know if it’s funny to anyone else but me!!
The stage was two flat bed trucks pulled side by side and a GIANT HUGE Fan
blowing from the side. It was MUCH needed — but, it was like standing in
front of an airplane engine….
There was about three other groups that sang earlier… I told the crowd
that “Those guys in the quartet had hair before they stood up here! (They were
bald, of course!) Their hair is somewhere over there in the petting zoo!!”
I missed the first groups — I was busy walking through the 4-H tent. I
like looking at the local arts and crafts! I told the crowd, “I like walking in
there because I use to submit stuff to the Fair all the time in my county
when I was a kid. I never won anything … so, I’ve been bitterly moving
the ribbons around over there!!”
The sweet thing was that the Fair Board came out and presented me with a
huge Blue Ribbon! “Best Award for Female!” I told them: “Thanks for the
affirmation! Since I’m wearing a Cincinnati Red’s Ball shirt!!”
I had stopped at the first store we could find on our way from the airport
(Sears) — because I noticed the slacks I brought were just a little too
snug and the only shirt I brought wasn’t long enough and since some friends of
my mother’s were coming — I didn’t want to get a letter later about my skin
tight britches! Truth is, I hadn’t worn them since last summer — and I’m
SURE the winter heat from the vent in my closet made them shrink some
how!!! Anyway, I just thought it might be too much for the Fair! I see now — it
would have been fine — since I was awarded the same ribbon they give the
prize COW!
Go ahead, laugh…. I am now officially on my first diet!
Be afraid, be very afraid!
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