After the Tears, A Gentle Guide to Help Children Understand Death

After the Tears, A Gentle Guide to Help Children Understand Death is a video especially made to help
children understand death and loss. Eve Hogan, a school counselor, who has offered grief workshops to adolescents, notes
that children are seriously overlooked and under helped when there is a death in the family or a tragedy.

Because so many children are facing disasters in their homes, schools and communities this video was developed to help students, families and counselors deal with the subject of death.
Diane Crandall, a teacher with 33 years of experience developed a gentle lesson for children that begins by describing the sadness of
losing a pet and then leads up to the greater loss of losing a loved one. Diane also talks about Heaven and Jesus and suggests
constructive activities that will help heal their broken heart. A favorite part of the tape for many children is at the end of the lesson
when Diane encourages them to participate in a healing activity. In the lesson she had each child write a note to someone special
they had lost and tie it to a bright red balloon. Outside, on the count of three, the balloons were released. Everyone laughed and
watched as the balloons soared high into the sky until they were just tiny specks in the puffy white clouds. It was wonderful to see
the children’s spirits lifted as they completed this activity. Anyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from this healing activity.
“We are astounded by the calls we have received from organizations telling us that they are going to start bereavement classes for
children using our tape and Heavenly Messages,” states Kathrine Peterson. “We have had teachers, librarians, hospices, youth leaders, pastors, parents and
funeral homes requesting videos and cards.”
The Public Broadcasting System is also looking into airing the video. For more information, call 1-888-349-5220.
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