A Voice

I simply can’t resist the temptation.  I am usually quiet and reflective about politics and the issues candidates raise with one another.  However; this morning, after George W. Bush was re-elected President, I can’t be quiet.  I have to say something.  I said something last night with my vote, now I have to speak again.
In the midst of baffled democrats, an angry sea of left-leaning media darlings, a hostile host of celebrities, a boiling George Sorros and a pouting Michael Moore, the people of America spoke, and their voice was heard.  To the angst and disappointment of Hollywood, to the disappointment of many liberals, the voice of middle America was heard.  I love how the core people of this great country overcame the fringe liberals.  The common man spoke above the incessant media bias that has been shoved down our throats in recent months.  Men, women, and young people across this nation prayed, and voted their conscience.  Thank the Lord for the outcome.  Do you know how empowering it feels today that the usually apathetic, disconnected Christian voice in this country really spoke!  While there is an evident divide in this country over important issues, it was so gratifying to see that the people can discern over important issues, and speak up about it. 
Prayer does matter.  Character matters.   A moral leader matters.  The majority spoke and those whose political interests were thwarted will have to reconsider that this country does have a backbone after all.  People do have an opinion about the sanctity of marriage as indicated by the sweep of eleven states that support a constitutional amendment that defines what a marriage is, or more importantly…what it isn’t.  I don’t need Hollywood  actors telling me why the war was wrong.  War is horrible, but inaction against an enemy that is nothing short of suicidal in their intent to destroy America is far worse.   I don’t want to ramble about issues, I really just wanted to cheer for the common, good, descent, God-fearing people of America.  Thanks for voting. Thanks for caring.  Most of all…thanks for praying then actually doing something about your convictions.  Faith without works is dead, but faith with works is a power the world has yet to grasp.  As Christians, we are exhorted in scripture to bring our nation before God.  I can think of no better passage then the following:
“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7: 14 NIV
It is my hope and prayer that the healing of this country will begin as we bind together to pray for our leaders, our neighbors and our world.


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