‘A Nation Under God’ — Book Review

A Nation Under God by Ken Clifton
(Ipage; ISBN 1-58961-267-1)
In this day and age it seems like many Americans have forgotten our country’s religious heritage, but author Ken Clifton has compiled a book that will remind readers once and for all that this nation was built upon the basic principles of the Judeo-Christian faith.
A Nation Under God is a compilation of speeches, state mottos, hymns, state songs and more that all point to God at the founder of our nation and protector of our freedom. Especially interesting is Clifton’s commitment to include a quote or speech from every president, dating back to George Washington, in which the nation’s leader credit God with our prosperity, ask for prayers for the nation, and call upon the faith of the citizens for strength in adversity.
Clifton says he included all of the Presidents and states to show that the emphasis on Christian values is not a new movement in a secular society. “Religion is a part of our nation’s core,” he explains. 
“I loved seeing that faith in action,” he adds. “You can feel the President’s concerns in the D-Day prayer. You can see the country rallying behind the troops in the Stars and Stripes prayers from WWI. You can see the American Revolutionaries standing on their faith to give them peace in a very turbulent time.”
A Nation Under God is currently available online for $11.00 through amazon.com and Barnes and Noble online. To obtain free shipping through Barnes and Noble online, simply supply the publisher’s information: Ipage, ISBN 1-58961-267-1, or visit www.providential-plan.com.


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