A Compassionate Christmas

Christmas is time when many children in our country and around the world not only will not receive gifts, but even more tragic, many will not hear the story of the Christ child. If you have ever wondered how you can share God’s love with a needy child, consider Compassion.

What kind of person sponsors a child with Compassion?

Michael W. Smith, Bebo Norman, Phil Keaggy, O.C. Supertones, Rebecca St. James, Amy Grant, Audio Adrenaline, and many more. For less than a dollar a day, you can make a powerful difference in the life of a needy child.

When I was young, my father was stationed with the U. S. Embassy in New Delhi, India. All of my school years India was a favorite study of mine, so I saved my money after college and went back to India for three weeks. I had been coached by the tour guides about the swarms of beggars, but nothing prepared me for these children missing a limb or an eye, cleft palates, twisted arms. I was told some of the deformaties were the results parents deliberately maiming their children.

“How horrible!” I exclaimed.

“These children eat,” shrugged the guide. “Their parents maim then because they are so poor they cannot feed them. At least this way they have a chance to beg for food.” Whenever the children approached we were cautioned, “Don’t give them anything.” I didn’t give them anything. It broke my heart.

Arriving back in the States I was eager to do something. That’s when I discovered Compassion International. Established after the Korean conflict to help the children of American soldiers by Korean women, Compassion International was founded on Christian principles to which it still adheres today. Compassion matches sponsors with needy children all over the world. Sponsors can pick the country, the age and gender of the child they sponsor, or they can opt for the neediest children on the list. The sponsor receives regular letters, photos and reports from the sponsored child.

If you have ever wondered if these children get any of the money you give, yes, with Compassion they get most of every dollar you donate. Compassion doesn’t spend a lot of their money on advertising. They depend on people like Christian artists and people like me to tell you about their good work with children in Third World countries. They educate the child, they make sure Bible studies are included in the education, they feed them at school, they buy their books and their school uniforms and they provide medical care for the child’s family out of each dollar.

When Compassion comes into a community, the entire community improves as better education, better health care, better agriculture are taught to the children. The children teach the parents. The whole village learns. These children will never have to be maimed. They have a chance at a simple life, but a GOOD life.
For more information on Compassion and to see photos of children who need immediate sponsorship, go to:Compassion International

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