4 HIM and Point of Grace Fall Tour




4 HIM and Point of Grace Fall Tour
Two of CCM’s hottest groups are joining forces to take on the Southeast and then the nation as the boys from 4HIM get together with the girls from Point of Grace. Sounds sort of like the Brady Bunch!
After a half-dozen years of musical ministry together, the members of Benson’s award-winning group 4HIM – Mark Harris, Kirk Sullivan, Andy Chrisman and Marty Magehee – all agree on the powerful impact that God has made on their lives – one of the few things that four men who are such different people living so closely together for so long can agree on.

“Somebody asked us ‘Are you more like really good friends, or brothers'” and Andy says, “Neither. We’re like ‘married.’,” Kirk says, producing both laughter and nods of recognition from the group’s other members.
“We’ve all been through the Disney Worlds and the Vietnams of our lives together,” Marty adds. “We’ve gotten very close and very honest with each other.”
This familiarity, along with the members’ life changes and musical growth, combine to make their latest Benson project, The Message a great step forward for 4HIM. More than previous albums, the guys each carve out unique niches for themselves, fusing their individual efforts together to create the sound that hundreds of thousands have come to recognize, know and love.
Also very close are the four ladies also known as Point of Grace. The honesty, integrity and authenticity of these four young women has touched a common chord with audiences across the country and around the world, setting a standard as America’s role models in today’s society. Simply put, Heather Floyd, Denise Jones, Terry Jones and Shelley Phillips are the real thing.
It’s that outspoken quality, that genuine connection that shines through the music, the message and the ministry of Point of Grace, illuminating each note and every word of their powerful new Word Records release, Life, Love & Other Mysteries.
Also called by that title is the new book, detailing the life story of each group member and offering timely advice to their fans, released on Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.
These two groups join forces in Tennessee and Alabama in October for concerts.


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