Nicolas Cage to Tackle Left Behind Movie

Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage in negotiations to take Left Behind movies mainstream

Christian Activities has been covering Left Behind for well over a decade due to the quality of the books. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins came to Nashville more than once and Christian Activities covered their book signings. Then the movies were made and featured a lot of Nashville musicians both on the soundtrack and in the first movie. Christian Activities was on hand for the tour when actor Kirk Cameron and most of the musicians appeared in Nashville. It is fitting that on our 20th anniversary we are once again covering Left Behind as Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to take the movies mainstream.

Stoney Lake Entertainment, a new production company headed by Paul Lalonde of the faith-based Cloud Ten Pictures is looking at redoing the end-of-the-world series based on the best-selling books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins that sold more than 65 million copies.

The action-packed Christian-themed series follows a group of survivors during the tumultuous period following the Rapture when the world as they knew it has ended.

Lalonde was the writer and producer of the original three movies which starred Kirk Cameron. Only a small portion of the books ever made it into the three movies, so it will be interesting to see what direction Lalonde takes with the screenplay this time. Cage will definitely have his work cut out for him filling the shoes Cameron wore so well.

The last series of Left Behind movies was closely tied to Nashville’s Christian music industry with local singers including Rebecca St. James and Bob Carlisle singing on the soundtrack and appearing in the movies. It will be interesting to see if any Christian artists are used in the Nicolas Cage version of Left Behind.

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