30th Annual Tennessee Ren Fest Ends Memorial Day

The 30th annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival looks to be the biggest and most successful season yet with crowds thronging to Covington Glen in droves every weekend including the first day. Family Day is often not quite as busy as the rest of the festival, probably because many people don’t realize the fair has started when the first weekend in May rolls around, but this year it was full of happy families. Festival grounds are large enough to handle the crowds, but parking extended across the road and a new portions of the fields may need to be opened up next year to accommodate increasing festival attendance.
However, the kids who came for Family Day and other days didn’t care about parking. They wanted to see the castle. They wanted to dance to the music. They wanted to meet the Queen and see a real joust. They wanted to ride the Hurlinator and eat hot dogs and turkey legs and have their faces painted and see the fairies! Where else can an aspiring young knight be knighted by Queen Elizabeth but at the Tenn. Ren Fest!
The Freemans have worked hard to keep the festival grounds clean and most of the entertainment equally clean, and skimpy, revealing costumes are not allowed. The entire festival is family friendly with the exception of Axel the Sot and a few Loony Lucy (Celtic Hats) tunes.
The last day for this year’s TN Ren Fest is Memorial Day, and the Castle has hung the American flag to commemorate our fallen soldiers. While this is not a “Christian festival” and a couple of acts are a bit bawdy, the Renaissance Festival in Triune-Arrington provides a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.
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