Writers Guidelines




Thank you for your interest in writing for ChristianActivities.com. We work with a team of freelance writers and can always use more articles, poetry, music reviews, and devotionals.
GENERAL: Christian Activities can work with articles of different lengths on a variety of topics. We especially appreciate seasonal and topical writing. All writing should be on Christian themes or come from a Christian perspective.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: We request that all submissions be made as plain text emails. We do not accept attachments, and we do not visit websites for material. Also please note that we do not do reviews or critiques of poems or other articles. We wish we could send a personal response too every one who sends us something, but we only reply if we run the article or poem. Submissions must be your original work.
POETRY: We prefer poems of 20 lines or less. For our purposes, a line is defined as being a phrase about 10 beats/syllables across.
PAYMENT & BYLINE: We do not pay our writers but we do run name, city and state as a byline and request that this information accompany each submission.
COPYRIGHT: Authors retain copyrights to their works. Christian Activities archives all articles and reserves the right to repost any submissions if we think they are timely.
Thank you again for your interest in the Writers Guidelines. We look forward to seeing your work.
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