World Through Your Eyes

World Through Your Eyes Reuben Morgan
(Rocketown Records)
Redemption. Praise. Adoration. Yearning. Purpose. Freedom. Perspective. Patience. These are familiar words to many churchgoers, and appropriate to describe our desire to show our appreciation for what God has done for us through Christ Jesus. In his U.S. debut, World Through Your Eyes, Aussie worship leader Reuben Morgan incorporates not just the words, but the sentiment behind them to deliver a worship album that brings these feelings to life.
Morgan blends soft rock with traditional worship music and the resulting melodies are both engaging and uplifting. He opens the album with the joyful proclamation “My Redeemer Lives,” then proceeds to lead the listener on a journey of praise and adoration. “Hear Our Prayer” is an exuberant invocation for the presence of God to fall both locally and globally, and “All I Am” acknowledges that God is the source of everything, the reason we live and sing.
Morgan has an almost uncanny ability to produce music that is inclusive, passionate, and accessible both corporately and individually. Listening to World Through Your Eyes, it’s easy to allow your mind to drift into the heavenlies where you are free to bask in God’s presence. The music ushers you into a higher level of praise. The world through our eyes may be a bleak and somber place, but glimpsing the world through God’s eyes is a different story. You can’t help but be struck with awe and abundant praise.
Following in the estimable footsteps of his mentor and friend, Darlene Zschech, with World Through Your Eyes, Reuben Morgan successfully celebrates Christ as our redeemer, who is worthy of praise.
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