Word Distribution, Broadman & Holman, Editorial Unilit Target Hispanics

Leading CBA music supplier Word Distribution is joining veteran Bible publisher Broadman & Holman and
inspirational Spanish book publisher Editorial Unilit to reach the US’s
Hispanic market. Entitled “Su Mundo Latino” (Your Spanish World) and
beginning in May, the three-company promotional campaign is designed to aid
retailers throughout the nation in marketing Spanish music, Bibles and other
books to more than 37 million individuals of Latin origin, an audience in
which a majority of America’s top advertisers are not focusing marketing
dollars, according to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA).
Santiago & Valdes Solutions, a firm offering consumer-focused companies
strategic marketing advice, recently released an AHAA study, Missed
Opportunities: Vast Corporate Underinvesting, explaining that “in the past
three years nearly two-thirds (64%) of top companies targeting Hispanic
consumers have invested less than 3.2 percent of their overall advertising
budgets” in the US. An additional report from a leading U.S. marketing firm,
MotiVaction, adds, “Hispanic marketing is a growth industry that is just
getting off the ground. When done properly, Hispanic marketing is low-risk
and high-reward. The question is not ‘should I market to this group?’
Rather, it is ‘how do I market to this group?'”
The Su Mundo Latino campaign is designed to answer this question. “Word,
Broadman & Holman and Editorial Unilit want to help retailers understand
just how vast the Hispanic market is and provide the tools necessary to
successfully reach it,” says Word Distribution’s VP of marketing, Greg
Fritz. “This initiative is exciting in that it marks the first time that
three major CBA companies have ever joined forces to support retailers in
targeting the nation’s largest minority and fundamentally become
missionaries in our own backyards.”
The 2000 Census reveals that the Latin population, the fastest growing group
in America, is a culturally rich market that holds a purchasing power
exceeding $600 billion. Additionally, one in five teens in the US (20%) is
of Hispanic descent and holds $19 billion in spending power, much of which
is on music and other forms of entertainment including books (AHAA).
To reach this market, Su Mundo Latino will supply retailers with the
resources necessary to connect with their Spanish communities through retail
positioning, church connections, Spanish radio promotions and
direct-to-consumer marketing. In addition to helping retailers inventory
from a focused list of top-selling Spanish products, the promotion will
provide an extensive merchandising kit, including a promotional header,
category shelf talkers, flats and window clings, as well as utilize Word’s
WARP! in-store sampling kiosks to feature music, books and Bibles. Ad
slicks, radio spots, a consumer oriented postcard and tri-fold product flyer
will also be provided. The three companies will also supply retailers with a
summary of their “Spanish World,” including an overview of the Hispanic
population in their area, as well as a listing of key local Spanish churches
and radio stations.
Having a passion for the Spanish market, Su Mundo Latino spokesman and front
man for the critically acclaimed band Salvador, Nic Gonzales, says, “It’s a
true honor to be associated with companies that are doing so much for the
Christian community. As pastors and teachers, my parents will be proud to
have me represent such a positive effort. Music is what I’ve been called to
do, books have helped me expand both my mind and my writing and the Bible
helps me keep it all in perspective.”
Tom Walters, VP of Sales for CBA/ABA markets for Broadman & Holman observes,
“This is a win-win opportunity for the stores. By participating in this
campaign, stores are providing a much needed service to the Spanish
community, but those new Hispanic customers become great consumers of
products from every area of the store, so it makes great business sense, as

Larry Downs, Jr., executive VP of Editorial Unilit, adds, “I can envision
the bookstore manager saying, ’37 Million Hispanics – So what? Why should I
stand up and take notice? Haven’t you, the publisher, been telling me for
years that there is a Hispanic population all around me?’
“We have been talking about the Hispanic community, but for the first time
we have a plan in place that will help booksellers actually reach out to the
Spanish community. And even more exciting is to see the three companies
unite forces, building off each others’ strengths to bring a top quality
promotional plan that will help bring the ‘Mundo Latino’ into the stores.”
Word Distribution, a division of Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company,
represents some of Christian music’s top performers, including
Platinum-selling, Award-winning artists Amy Grant, Rachael Lampa, Nicole C.
Mullen, Sandi Patty, Point Of Grace, Mercy Me, Sixpence None The Richer and
Jaci Velasquez. Word is also the home to Big Idea’s successful VeggieTales
video and audio series. The company provides sales, marketing and
distribution services for several leading labels, including Word Records,
Squint, Integrity Music, M2.0 Communications, INO, Big Idea Productions,
Spring Hill Music, Daywind Music, Ray Boltz Music, Garden City, Curb
Records, Elektra and others.


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