Whisper Loud is Heard in Holland and Germany

Whisper Loud, Keri Blumer (16), Alana Carris (17) and Tessa
Gaskill (16), recently returned from a week-long tour of Germany and

After hearing their debut project, Different Kind of Beautiful,
Provident Music Group-Europe invited the teen trio to a week-long
promotional tour focusing on both Christian and secular retail and media.
“This European tour is a landmark event for both Whisper Loud and Provident
Music Group- Europe,” says Dan Huisinga, Director of Marketing for Provident
Music Group’s International department. “Alana, Tessa and Keri won the
crowds with their music and unwavering character.”
Huisinga continues, “This tour marked the first time that Provident Music
Group-Europe has hired a secular promoter to promote a Contemporary
Christian act to secular radio stations and other media outlets, which
successfully increased the sales in both mainstream outlets and Christian
“We loved the music we heard and wanted Whisper Loud to spend a week with us
visiting retail and media outlets. Because of the complete separation of
the Christian and secular markets here in Europe, this is a high honor for
Whisper Loud. They were received well and made quite a positive impact on
radio, television and print media,” says Rik Bennik, Marketing Manager of
Provident Music Group Europe.
After hearing “Like A Circle,” from the group’s debut album Different Kind
of Beautiful, several interview opportunities became available including
television, radio, and print with highly viewed, heard and read outlets
including appearances on “Coffeetime,” a featured show on RTL4, the most
viewed TV station in Holland; live radio interviews on Radio 3 FM; and
secular magazine interviews including Nieuwe Revue Review, Europe’s version
of People magazine.
Later in the week, Keri, Tessa and Alana hit Germany for two days and did
more major interviews with Christian press, and local Christian and secular
radio stations. Because of Whisper Loud’s excitement and enthusiasm, they
already have new invitations to travel back to Europe soon.
For further information on Provident Music Group, or Whisper Loud and their
tour schedule, please log on to www.providentmusic.com .

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