Where Is the Outrage of the Muslim Clerics?

Where is the outrage of the silent Muslim clerics over the recent beheading of backpacker Shosei Koda, who had been held by Al Qaeda-linked militants demanding Tokyo withdraw its 500 troops from the southern city of Samawah.
More than 160 foreigners have been kidnapped in Iraq this year and at least 33 of them have been killed. At least 10 foreigners are still in the hands of kidnappers — including two French journalists held for more than two months, two women — Margaret Hassan, the head of CARE international in Iraq, and Pole Teresa Borcz Khalifa — and two truck drivers, a Bangladeshi and a Sri Lankan.
10/6/4 Where is the outrage of the “peace-loving” Muslim clerics over the recent beheading of British hostage Ken Bigley, the 62-year-old engineer, who has been beheaded in Iraq three weeks after he was kidnapped by militants demanding the release of women held by U.S.-led forces?
9/24/4 Where is the outrage of the Muslim clerics over the recent beheading of Eugene Armstrong? Eugene Jack Armstrong, an American contractor in Iraq during the War on Iraq, was beheaded on September 20, 2004. Armstrong sobbed as he knelt in front of five militants dressed in black. The banner of Al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s hung on the wall behind them in the video. The man in the center read a statement, then pulled a knife, grabbed the hostage and sawwed his head off. The victim screamed as blood poured from his neck. The Jordanian terrorist mastermind reportedly conducted the beheading himself.
The following day, the group beheaded another hostage, American Jack Hensley. Armstrong, Hensley and Bigley (UK) were kidnapped last week in Baghdad. The men were working on Iraqi reconstruction projects for Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services, a United Arab Emirates-based company.
9/3/4 Where is the outrage over the hundreds of hostages killed in Russia – most of them CHILDREN? Come forth, Muslim clerics — share your outrage with the world. Show us how peace loving you are.
6/22/4 Where is the outrage of the Muslim clerics over the recent beheadings of Nicholas Berg, Marshall Johnson and Kim Sun-il? If Islam truly is the peaceful religion we keep being told it is, why are the Muslim clerics silent at the latest outrages against humanity?
Today 33-year-old South Korean Kim Sun-il, an evangelical Christian, was beheaded five days after he was seized in Falluja by a group led by Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi after Seoul refused their demand to withdraw its troops. Kim Sun-il had a degree in theology and Arabic and had hoped to be Christian missionary in the Arab world.
Paul Marshall Johnson had been held hostage since early June, after the Saudi government failed to meet a Friday deadline to free jailed militants. Johnson’s beheading was the third carried out by al Qaeda since 2002. In May, U.S. contractor Nicholas Berg was kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq. The CIA said suspected al Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was probably the one who decapitated Berg. In 2002, al Qaeda-linked Pakistani militants murdered and beheaded American Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.
Predictably, the terrorists blamed the prisoner abuse at Abu Greib for the barbaric murder of Johnson. “This is God’s voice rising in anger … at the treatment of Muslims in Abu Ghraib, al-Hair, Guantanamo, Ruwais and others,” said the statement issued by the terrorists. However, Daniel Pearl and others have been murdered by al Qaeda long before the handfull of prisoners was posed nude in pyramids wearing underwear on their heads.
Muslim clerics have continuously expressed their outrage at the abuse of a handful prisoners by a few American soldiers. Where is the outcry from this “peaceful religion” over these terrorist murders? Do they turn a blind eye to Islamic terrorism because their Koran says, “Fight against those who believe not in Allah …until they are subdued?”
“The murder of Paul shows the evil of the people we face. These are barbric people,” said President Bush. “We must pursue these people and bring them to justice before they hurt any more Americans.”
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