Continuing to build on the success of the #1 reference resource in the U.S. (WHERE TO FIND IT IN THE BIBLE;
source: Marketplace Magazine’s Reference Premier 50 List), Nelson Reference & Electronic Publishing will release the sixth title in the popular “A To Zä” series in January.
WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT… is the ultimate “A To Zä” guide to contemporary topics one might not expect to find in the Bible. Phrases such as “ecology” or “the bottom line” that are more associated with modern life than with life over 2,000 years ago are examined. Over 500 topics from “AIDS” to “urban planning” are researched, and Bible verses and passages are identified with each topic offering relevant messages for people today.
WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT… is the fifth title in the successful “A To Zä” series. The series’ first title– WHERE TO FIND IT IN THE BIBLE-is the #1 reference book in the CBA market, selling over 300,000 copies since its release.
The other titles in the series are WHO WAS WHO IN THE BIBLE, a biographical dictionary identifying over 3,500 people in the Bible, offering readers the meanings of names, pronunciations and backgrounds of each individual. I NEVER KNEW THAT WAS IN THE BIBLE, a comprehensive resource of common expressions and curious words from the Bible, became the third volume. WHERE IS THAT PHRASE? FIND IT FAST IN THE BIBLE, which released in Spring 2000, alphabetically arranges over 5,000 best-loved and most-used phrases,
such as “man does not live by bread alone,” or “a lamp to my feet.” Each phrase is keyed to five major Bible translations.
All five editions of the “A To Zä” series come in paperback format and are retail priced at $19.99 each. Nelson is offering retailers an end-cap kit which displays all five books.
According to CBA Marketplace Magazine’s Reference Premier 50 list, Nelson’s
Reference & Electronic Publishing Division captures 44% of the top 50
best-selling titles. The Division has been honored with numerous Gold &
Silver Medallion Awards for excellence in publishing. The company is based
in Nashville, Tennessee.


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