With a combination of hard and soft acoustic rock,
jazz, blues and a bit of folk, what more could someone
ask for in a premier cd release? Wade Joye who
originates from Columbia, South Carolina, has created
a rock solid debut album that has a little something
for everyone.

Definitely one of the best debut releases that I’ve
heard in a while, Wade Joye glides smoothly through
the entire cd. “beyond the wilderness” caused me to
nearly rub the letters off my cd player’s repeat
button and left me itching for another release.

The cd begins with the moderate acoustic rock ballad
“Nothing that I Lack” and continues in this style
throughout next five songs. Some contain more driving
beats than others, yet the lyrics remain rock solid
through every song.

Then comes one of my favorites, “The Funky Song.” A
drastic diversion from the first half of the cd, this
song throws listeners into a frenzy of jazz, blues and
rock beats that creatively roll into one awesome
“getcha movin’” song.

If you like that style, go ahead and listen to
“Widow’s Mite.” If you’re a fan of coffee shop jazz
and blues, you’ll love this song. The lyrics slink
along with a jazzy beat oozing from an upright bass. I
have to say, this is my favorite.

While the first half of the cd is as beautiful as it
is skillful, this drastic style change displays an
exquisite diversity among the rest of the genres.

All words and music on “beyond the wilderness” were
written and Wade Joye himself. But, if you listen
closely (or read the cd jacket), you will hear (or
see) that the cd is trimmed with appearances at random
by members of the band, Silers Bald.

“beyond the wilderness” is a must-have for those of
you who enjoy acoustic rock in different forms.

Wade Joye has now formed a band called The Wade Joye
Band. With a worship project out entitled, “unto the
King eternal,” this cd features Eric McCoy on electric
guitar, Matt King on drums and backing vocals, Chad
Rochester on bass guitar and of course Wade Joye on
lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

Check out www.wadejoye.com for purchasing


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