Vote Your Conscience



We usually don’t do a big endorsement of any candidate. Contrary to the major networks who have shoved their candidate of choice down our collective throats through their “news” programs and even television shows, we have always felt like there should be a measure of objectivity in reporting the news.
The most important thing you can do is vote your conscience. Look for the candidate that is most in line with your Christian views. If you have not yet made a choice at this late hour, we are endorsing John McCain.
A lot has been said about “change” in this election. Yes, many things do need to change, but carefully consider the fact that not all change is good. This is not “fear” of change — this is common sense.
A candidate with the extremely liberal voting record of Senator Obama would certainly bring change, but it is not the change we personally think would be best for America. Yes, more needs to be done for the needy among us. But when “spread the wealth” is mixed in with a voting record and public statements that are for abortion on demand and laws that would further diminish the Biblical definition of marriage, we see red flags.
It is not our intention to tell you how to vote today. That is your decision. But if you want to know who we endorse, it is John McCain – Sarah Palin.
We think John McCain’s experience, his war service, and his political and religious views would best serve our country. We believe they are most in line with the traditional values and Biblical standards of America.

So, prayerfully consider your vote today. Vote your conscience. And continue to pray for this country no matter who wins. God bless America.


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