U.S. Christians Send Final Plea to White House on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

On Thursday, September 3rd, the U.S. Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) delivered to President Obama and Congressional leaders a third and final wave of signatures on its “Not One Bomb for Iran” petition signed by more than 60,000 Americans deeply concerned about the current agreement.
“President Obama, refuses to acknowledge or listen to the cries of protest not only from US citizens but throughout the world and especially the Middle East region. The President seems unwavering in his stance and determined to make this ‘bad deal’ the highpoint of his foreign policy legacy no matter how many obvious cracks, flaws and loopholes are exposed,” wrote one petition signer.
The petition drive was started six months ago as a grassroots effort initiated by the U.S. Branch of ICEJ to voice opposition to the Iranian regime’s quest for nuclear weapons. As details emerged of the bad deal being made with Iran, the ICEJ’s global constituency added their voices with a petition to the P5+1 negotiating partners that garnered a further 30,000 signatures before its delivery in early July.
The petition simply asked that two things occur before signing the agreement:
Any agreement the Administration signs with Iran must completely dismantle the regime’s ability to build a nuclear bomb.
Congress must ratify any agreement proposed by the Administration with regard to Iran’s nuclear program.
“This issue continues to be very heavy on the hearts of millions of Americans as evidenced by the overwhelming number of signatures we have received. I was honored and proud to present this petition on behalf of so many who understand the implications of a nuclear Iran on both America’s national security and Israel, our closest, longtime ally in the Middle East,” said Susan Michael, U.S. National Director.
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