Two New Mayberry Gift Books

Ken Beck and Jim Clark sign books at Davis Kidd Booksellers, June 18, 2002

Jim Clark is not only the founder of “The Andy Griffith Show”(TAGS) Rerun Watchers Club, but he is also one of the most respected and prolific Mayberry authors in the world, partnering with fellow writer Ken Beck.
Jim recently told me, “The latest Mayberry books that Ken Beck and I have compiled are little collections of quotations from the show. One is on friendship and is called ‘I’m Proud to Call You My Friend.’ The other deals with special moments of parenting on the show and is titled ‘Act Like Somebody.'”
Although Jim’s latest Mayberry books were released just in time for Father’s Day on Rutledge Hill Press they would make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. “I’m Proud to Call You My Friend” features some 60 pages of photos from the show with accompanying quotes from TAGS about friendship. Each quote credits the episode quoted and features such gems as Andy telling Opie, “Never let your friend down, never break a trust, and when you give your word, never go back on it.”
Filled with an equal number of photos and quotes, “Act Like Somebody” demonstrates the wisdom with which the TAGS writers imbued Andy Taylor when it came to dealing with his son, Opie. One of my favorite interchanges between father and son revolves around Mr. McBeevee, a mysterious friend of Opie’s with some unusual traits. When Andy is forced to confront Opie about Opie’s improbable description of the stranger no one has met, Andy reassures his son that he does believe him. Andy later tells doubtful Barney that while he does not believe in Mr. McBeevee, he does believe in Opie.
Both books retail for $9.99 each.
Jim informed me, “We don’t have any other Mayberry-related projects in the works, but Mayberry is always my favorite topic to write about. The more I watch the show, the more in awe I am of just how outstanding every aspect of it is.”
These quaint little books display the outstanding writing which made the characters come alive on “The Andy Griffith Show” and are the perfect gift for any father who ever loved TAGS, or had a son or a friend. In fact, they are a great little gift for just about anybody!
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