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Tuesday’s Child –
Tuesday’s Child
John Wilson–Tuesday’s Child, a new female duo made up of Linda Elias and Lesley Glassford, has just released their self-titled project, Tuesday’s Child on Benson.
These two lovely ladies with more than pleasant voices have given us a fine first effort with this project. Their sound has a quality like the pop trio Wilson Phillips from a few years back: interesting harmonies and appealing melodies.
This project offers many songs which although not ballads, have medium rhythms. What I’m trying to say is: No Rap, No Hard Rock. Because of the make-up (no pun intended) of the group, I think women would enjoy this project more than men.
I enjoyed the sound of Tuesday’s Child and a couple of songs really moved me. The first one is “When I’ve Seen Love” and the second (and best song on the project) is “Pilgrims.” (Enjoy the work of Bob Carlisle on this song. It’s great…)
10 cuts…37:38.

John’s Rating……………………………8.2
Phil Wilson– In the effort to appeal to all sorts, Benson has released a project designed specifically to reach out to women, with women artists. The two in particular here are Lesley Glassford and Linda Elias. Both, at one point, had solo careers but have decided to join their forces in a collaborative effort, yielding Tuesdays Child. It is a very acoustic feeling CD with a very folksy, rootsy feel.
I’ll be honest; this project didn’t hit me right on the nose. I guess simply because it was marketed and created more with women in mind, and the fact that I knew that may have had some impact on my listening. If I did have to pick one song out that I liked, personally, it would have to have been “Pilgrim.” It picks up on the motif of our lives being pilgrimages as we move towards the Lord.
Again, I didn’t personally like the project that much, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Go listen to the demo; it may suit your fancy more than it did mine.
Phil’s rating .…………………………….7.0



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