Tuesday Aug.6, Estes Park

This was a wonderful night of twenty-something performers, who proved that Christian Artists are about more than just good
music! They all displayed a powerful message of hope, life and Truth! Danny Oertli got the night off to a wonderful start! With
just himself and an acoustic guitar, he ministered to the crowd! The night was sponsored by Compassion International and he sang
a song off of his new CD, “Nothing to Prove,” called Dancing with Orphans! What a song! He also sang the title cut, Nothing
to Prove, which I thought was a great message for all of the aspiring Artists in the crowd! Danny Oertli is a wonderfully talented
individual and a pleasure to listen to! If you love the guitar and great music packed with a powerful message, and a heart that is
fervent for Jesus, then you need to check out his CD!
With magnificent grace, Ginny Owens took the stage next! Ms. Owens has so many dimensions to her! I was very fortunate to
attend her teaching concert earlier in the day. Through that, I was able to see more of her than just a 20 minute set! She has got the
best sense of humor and a phenomenal personality! Anyone who lives with or has a physically disabled individual in their family
knows that the disability does not define the person! If you have ever summed Ginny up by her blindness, you need to stop and
take a closer look! She is a very talented songwriter, intellegent, witty and extremely humble! During both performances, I felt like
I was in her living room. Ginny draws you in and allows you to sit with her and enjoy fellowship! She has a way of welcoming
you into her ministry. My prayer is that every thing I do for Christ, will be done with the same type of passionate and pure heart — one like Ginny, which always gives all to the glory and honor to God and God alone!
Bebo Norman came out with a cold and a guitar. It was funny, because I couldn’t even tell he had one until he said something!
Definitely a crowd favorite, his presence on stage caused the noise level in the Longhouse to increase considerably! He allowed
them to shout out favorites and then he would sing them! Bebo is another humble mouthpiece, hand selected by God to spread His
Word through music and song! What a night for songwriters, his lyrics are such masterpieces of everyday life! Bebo speaks to
what we live every day, relating to common struggles and then quickly directing the listener to God! Regardless of the cold, Bebo
and his message were right on target!

Rebecca St. James blasted onto the stage with lights, back up singers and band! She had recently returned from a rare vacation.
Rebecca was so pumped up from her time of refueling and we were some of the first to reap the blessing of it! The evidence of
this burst forth in her performance, vibrant voice and a smile that screams Jesus! She took the time to speak to the young people
and singles of the crowd! Never ashamed of Christ, she stands on the Sovereign Word to proclaim her stance of purity! What a
role model those Christians living the single life. Rebecca has accumulated a lot of attention and fame over her career but, she takes
the glare of the spotlight and reflects it beautifully back onto the Lord…..and glorifies Him with the shine! The quality mark of a
dedicated servant, of the Most High God! Christlike humility was the common thread that strung through the whole week and was
disp! layed brilliantly on this Tuesday night!
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