Tribute to Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins was a self-described “good midwestern boy” who could trace his family’s history back to the heart of Europe, scattered in the dreams of immigrants who found a new home in the promise of America. “The significant thing to me about legacy,” he said, “is that there is certainly either some terrible desperation or some terrific courage on the part of those before me…people who made choices in the course of their lives which, had they made any other choice of where they lived or who they married, I would not have even happened. I am the result of their courage – their desperation.”
The LightHouse presents the first “Tribute to Rich Mullins: Music and Memories.” The author of many Christian standards such as “Awesome God,” “Sing Your Praise To The Lord,” and “Hold Me Jesus,” continues to profoundly influence and touch countless lives with his legacy.

To mark the fifth anniversary of Rich Mullins’ passing, former Ragamuffin Band members Rick Elias, Jimmy A, Mark Robertson, Phil Keaggy, Ashley Cleveland, Mitch McVicker and others will gather to perform with those who knew and loved Rich and his music. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities that Rich supported.

The LightHouse is located at Woodmont Hills Church, 3710 Franklin Road, just south of Thompson Lane. Admission is a suggested donation of $10. Childcare will be available for $5. Coffee and snacks available. Call 297-8551 ext. 34 or visit woodmont.
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