Tribute To Aneta Corsaut



Proceedings and Debates of the 104th Congress, First Session
Tribute To Anita Corsaut
The Honorable Howard L. Berman of California
The Honorable Henry A. Waxman of California
Mr. Speaker, we are honored to pay tribute to Aneta Corsaut, a dear
friend, who died
much too young from cancer this November. Aneta was a spirited, warm and
lovely woamn
who had a heartfelt compassion for others. Those who kew her well were
touched by her
selflessness and feelings of empathy. SHe was a special person, and we
will miss her very much.
Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, Aneta came to Southern California in the 1950s
to pursue her dream of
being an actress. She landed a part in the “The Blob”, which has become a
science fiction cult
classic and, later, had a recurring tole on the Andy Griffith Show as
Helen Crump, Andy’s girlfriend.
Whether on the New York stage–were she started–or a Hollywood
soundstage, Aneta found success in a
profession taht is notoriously difficult. All of her friends were so
proud of her accomplishments.
But there was another side of Aneta, a side that brought her into our
world. Aneta had a passion for
politics, especially Democratic Party politics–a rarity for a person from
Kansas. We would like to
think that her political affiliation was a direct result of her selfless,
caring nature. Most important,
she was an unapologetic liberal to the end.
We both had the good fortune to work with Aneta. Her dedication to causes
and issues was heartening.
At a time of widespread cynicism and apthy Aneta was the perfect counter,
a living, breathing example
of how essential it is for people to get involved. We–all of us–need
more Aneta Corauts in this world.
Mr. Speaker, we ask our colleagues to join us today in saluting Aneta
Corsaut, whose life is an inspiration
to all. We were lucky indeed to have known her.
Special thanks to David Nash for sending us this text. To read an interview with David (who was a friend of Aneta’s)go to Remembering Aneta

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