Training Warriors for Christ

When disciplining your child:
Honor God and His Word while at the same time, building love and respect!
1. Take your child aside, by themselves.
2. Identify the problem, and let them know and understand what the problem is.
3. Then either lead them in a simple prayer asking for forgiveness, or have them do it. Make sure that
they acknowledge what they did was wrong and/or not acceptable. Then have them ask God to forgive
them and give them the strength not to do it again. This helps them to acknowledge that
whenever they do wrong, it displeases God first. (You want your child to ultimately learn strive to
please God first and foremost, just another component of building that sound foundation, in a life that serves Christ!)
After this, then implement the appropriate discipline.
4. Have them apologize to the appropriate person, if someone else is involved.
5. If the behavior problem is serious, have them put it in their prayer
journal, to be prayed for on a daily basis. This will reinforce that they need
Gods strength to help them gain control over all obstacles in life, big or small.
(Also, if your family has a family prayer time, this is a great way to pray for
each other. You lift up everyone’s needs, and watch God pour out His
blessings on your family and answer your prayers.)
6. When God begins to answer pray, always make a point to thank Him for it.
Have a section in the prayer notebook/journal for “Answered Prayer”
or “Praises”, whatever you want to call it. Just make sure to teach you and your
child to THANK God when He answers. This reinforces the fact that God
is listening and cares about all aspects of your child’s life!
You are setting habits that will benefit them in their adult walk with Christ!
7. Now, it is very important as a parent, to go through the same process when
you make mistakes. They don’t always have to be present when you make the mistake.
Share with them and let them know what you did. Obviously you need to use your judgment
on “mistakes”. For example: when you snap at them with language that you
shouldn’t, act inappropriately in traffic or with them or any other situation. You need to give your
kids respect and show them that you aren’t perfect, and that you are held accountable by the same
God. If your walk and your actions are CONSISTENT, then you are sending the right
message. Kids learn by watching, so prayerfully ask God to lead you and strengthen you
through the Holy Spirit, on a daily basis.
These are some basics to get you started. Remember, everything you implement, should start by seeking God as the ultimate authority ..always grounding everything in His Word! Your child needs to learn accountability and responsibility first to God, before he/she can give it to parents, teachers, future employers, etc. They need to understand that God and His Sovereign Word is the foundation off of which to build their lives. When they do anything wrong, it is a sin against God first, ….. before it affects anyone else! This instills at a young age their “sin-nature” and their need for Salvation. It helps them to understand the gift of the Cross and the impact of God’s sacrifice!! This should not be done in a Legalistic way! Kids are smarter than most adults give them credit for and can understand, especially if you as a faithfully parent, prays for God to pour out His wisdom and knowledge on them! God gives us children as a blessing. He will always be there to give us direction, protection and refuge when parenting becomes difficult and overwhelming.
She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her
house and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also,
and he praises her.
Proverbs 31:26-28


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