God does wondrous things. He works in ways in which we as humans do not understand. A little over 2 1/2 years ago, God
used cyberspace to literally change a life to His glory. Being an Internet junkie, I met someone who forever will have an
impact on my life. As you continue reading…your life might be changed too. I pray that it is.
In May of 2000, I had a dream. It was one that was very uncommon for me to have. I dreamt that I was in a school type of
setting with tables or desks all around. Two men came in the room wearing black boots, trench coats and carrying rifles. They
shot up the entire place and looked at me and shot at me too. I got hit directly in the stomach area. The shot jolted me enough
to awaken me, but I knew that I lived after the fact in my dream.
I was so taken back by this dream, I knew it had to be a Godly one and He was preparing me for something, but what He had in
store for me in the days following totally changed my life as I knew it. That same week, God revealed His plan when I received a group email from a girl who attended Columbine High School. As soon as I read this email
about this girl and where she was from, God told me to befriend her. The results
have been phenomenal.
After 2 days of IMing and emailing back and forth, my new friend, Nicole Nowlen opened up to me and shared a story I will never forget…
On April 20, 1999, Nicole Nowlen was literally in the library of the school when the 2 gunmen came in and started firing at
random and she got shot 9 times in the stomach area and lives to tell about it.
It was only by a miracle of God that she survived. The message that she shares explains in detail what she went through and
how God has brought her out of the tragedy that occurred that fateful day of April 20, 1999.
Since that unforgettable day, Nicole has been in a variety of newspaper and magazine articles including the People Magazine
and Teen People Magazine as well as local and national news programs including NBC’s Nightly News. She now resides here
in the Nashville, TN area.
Nicole loves to speak. She feels that it is what the Lord has kept her alive to do. In 2002, she was kept busy sharing her
incredible witness in a variety of places including her former home town of South Dakota as well as in Iowa, Texas and even
into Burmuda too.
Nicole welcomes any opportunity to share her unique and undeniable experience. For further information on Nicole, she invites you to visit her website at


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