Traditional Values Coalition Legislative Wrap Up Report

Pro-Family Bills Passed By One Or Both Houses Of Congress But Not Signed Into Law
Pledge of Allegiance: Reaffirmed the reference to “One Nation Under God” in the pledge of allegiance and our National Motto
“One Nation Under God.” (S. 2690, passed Senate, 6/27/02, passed House 10/8/02) This legislation has been sent back to the
Senate for minor revisions.
Marriage: Provided $100 million for state grants to promote healthy marriages. (Welfare Reform Bill, passed House 5/16/02)
Internet Gambling: Banned Internet gambling sites from using credit cards and wire transfers to fund gambling transactions.
(H.R. 556, passed House 10/1/02)
Partial-Birth Abortion: Banned partial birth abortion. (H.R. 4965, passed House 7/24/02)
Human Cloning: Banned all human cloning. (H.R. 2505, passed House 7/31/01)
Conscience Protection: Clarified that a health care entity (such as a hospital) should not be forced to perform abortions against its
will. (H.R. 4691, passed House 9/25/02)
Parental Rights: Made it a felony to transport a minor across state lines to circumvent parental notification or parental consent
abortion laws. (H.R. 476, passed House 4/17/02)
Unborn Victims of Violence: Required those who commit crimes against pregnant women be prosecuted for harm done to the
woman and to her unborn child. (H.R. 503, passed House 4/26/01)
Abortions in Government Hospitals: Defeated a provision to allow abortions in U.S. military hospitals overseas. (Amendment
to DoD Authorization bill, failed in the House 5/10/02)
Marriage Tax Penalty: Doubled the standard deduction for married couples filing jointly. Accelerated marriage tax penalty relief
(to begin in 2003 instead of 2005). Made the marriage tax penalty repeal permanent. (H.R. 4626, passed House 5/21/02; H.R. 586,
passed House 4/18/02)
Child Pornography: Strengthened prosecution of child pornographers. (H.R. 4623, passed House 6/25/02)
Missing Children: Developed a national network to track missing children and prevent child abductions. (H.R. 5422, passed
House 10/8/02)
Child Predators: Expanded law enforcement tools (including wiretapping) to crack down on child predators. (H.R. 1877, passed
the House 5/21/02)
Child Predators: Increased the authority of federal judges to require that convicted child predators who are released from prison
remain under court-ordered supervision. (H.R. 4679, passed the House 6/25/02)
Child Sex Trafficking: Levied stiffer sanctions against those who are involved in child sex trafficking. (H.R. 4477, passed the
House 6/26/02)
“Kid-Friendly” Internet: Passed legislation to create a “kid-friendly” place on the web by implementing a new U.S domain
name called “” with content appropriate for children under 12. (H.R. 3833, passed House 5/21/02)
Home Schooling: Protected the privacy rights of homeschoolers by ensuring that their personal information in not disseminated.
(H.R. 5331, passed House 10/7/02)
Pro-Family Bills Signed
Into Law By President Bush:

Born-Alive Infants: Gave legal protection to all children who are born-alive regardless of whether they are born as a result of an
intended abortion or intentionally delivered by birth. (H.R. 2175, signed into law 8/5/02)
Abstinence: Protected abstinence-until-marriage as the expected standard of behavior for young people, and increased funding for
abstinence-only education by $32 million for a total of $142 million for FY2002. (Welfare Reform Bill, passed House 5/16/02;
FY2002 LHHS appropriations bill, signed into law 1/10/02)
School Prayer: Prohibited federal funding for schools that unlawfully restrict constitutionally protected student prayer. (H.R. 1,
signed into law 1/8/02)
Boy Scouts: Denied federal funds to any public school that discriminates against or denies equal access to the Boy Scouts of
America. (H.R. 1, signed into law 1/8/02)
Internet Filters: Required Internet filtration software to be installed in public schools. (H.R. 1, signed into law 1/8/02)
Adoption: Increased the adoption tax credit to $10,000 for all adoptions. Made the adoption tax credit permanent. (H.R. 1836,
signed into law 6/7/01; H.R. 4800, passed House 6/4/02)
Clergy Housing: Blocked a repeal of the clergy housing allowance exemption, which allows clergy to live in church housing
Home Schooling: Exempted home school students from all federal testing and education requirements. (H.R. 1, signed into law
Child Tax Credit: Doubled the child tax credit to $1,000 over the next four years. (H.R. 1836, signed into law 6/7/01)
Character Education: Doubled funding for character education to $50 million. H.R. 1, signed into law 1/8/02) (H.R. 4156,
signed into law 5/20/02)
Education: Expanded Education Savings Accounts so parents can save up to $2,000 annually for their children’s K-12 education
in tax-free savings accounts. (H.R. 1836, signed into law 6/7/01)
Parental Rights: Required schools to notify parents of all student surveys, tests and medical exams at the beginning of the school
year so that parents can opt their children out of these surveys, if they so choose. (H.R. 1, signed into law 1/8/02)


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