The Elton John/Tim Rice collaboration “AIDA” was a smash hit on Broadway. The four-time Tony Award winning musical, sort of a “West Side Story” set in ancient Egypt, invades Nashville’s TPAC January 22-February 2. A great web saver discount is available at for most performances of AIDA.
While the story centers around the love triangle of the handsome young Captain Radames, his captured Nubian slave Aida, and his betrothed, the Princess Amneris, the dying Pharoah’s daughter, one of the juiciest parts ofthe play has to be the villian, Prime Minister Zoser, a powerful government official who plots to make his son, Radames, the next Pharoah.
The part of Zoser is played by veteran actor, Robert Neary, who also spent a few years in Nashville pursuing a Christian music career. “I loved the immediacy of playing my music in front of people and hearing how a song might touch people in different ways,” he said. “But the whole process (of getting a record deal) takes so much time and money, it just wasn’t how I wanted to spend my life.”
Instead, Neary opted to return to Hollywood to do what he does best – act. In addition to his work on Broadway in productions of “Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©,” “West Side Story,” “Barnum,” and “Grease!,” Neary frequently appears on television and movies, “usually as the villian,” he quips. You may have seen him on “Roswell,” “Suddenly Susan,” or “Alien Nation.” Or you may remember him as Frank Marino from his two years on “General Hospital.”

Neary is one of a handful of Christians who are actively involved in trying to impact one of the most influential cities in the world for Christ. To that end he has formed his own production company, Near God Productions, to produce feature films. “There are people out there making movies for Christians,” he says, citing the success of “Left Behind,” and “The OmegaCode.” I want to make movies with Christian content for people who are not Christians. His first project, “The Revelation of Maxwell Pierce,” is
currently in pre-production.


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