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Aspiring actors, models and entertainers will soon have the opportunity to learn acting and modeling tips and skills from the experts who set superstar Miley Cyrus, supermodel Charlotte Dodds, award winning child actor Adair Tishler, and Courageous co-star Ben Davies on their successful paths. This fall, veteran agency Advantage Models & Talent will launch the Advantage Style Bootcamp in cities around the U.S.
Cyrus, Dodds, Tishler and Ben Davies are among thousands of Advantage clients who have learned the fine points of achieving success from Advantage leaders. With the launch of the Bootcamp, males and females ages pre-teen and older will have the opportunity to learn modeling and acting skills, job interviewing and sales techniques and communication basics in an interactive environment, with an emphasis on maintaining Christian principles.
“The quest to be attractive and accepted begins at childhood and can dominate our lives,” says Nisé Davies, founder of Advantage Models & Talent and a former Miss Tennessee USA and Miss USA semi-finalist, as well as a successful model in her own right. “It can lead to eating disorders, depression, addiction and unhealthy relationships. The Advantage Style Bootcamp gives people the tools they need to be attractive on the outside and healthy on the inside. We specialize in equipping them with the professional skills they’ll need to be confident and competitive on any stage they choose.”
The goal of the Bootcamp, she says, is to empower anyone who wants to be successful, whether they choose to pursue a career in entertainment, acting, modeling or any other field.
“What they will learn at the Bootcamp transcends industry boundaries,” Nisé Davies continues.
Advantage Models & Talent has represented thousands of actors and models, including Cyrus, country music singer Chris Young, Dodds (Vogue and Jump magazine covers, ads for Target and L’Oreal, runway shows for Versace and Donna Karan), and Tishler, whose movie and TV credits include Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, Saving Grace, Charmed and her Young Artist Award-winning role of Molly Walker on Heroes. Nisé Davies’ son, Ben Davies, co-stars in the new movie Courageous, which premieres this week, and is currently filming his second starring role in the upcoming film New Hope.
Nisé Davies, through the agency, is personally committed to helping her protégés develop their God-given talents from a faith-based perspective.
“Our culture emphasizes what we look like over who we are,” she says. “But it’s only when we realize our true value in God’s eyes that we can truly shine.”
Nisé Davies and her team, which includes Ben Davies, will conduct the Advantage Style Bootcamps in various locations throughout the United States in the coming months. The Advantage Style Bootcamp tour is being represented by Charles Dorris & Associates in Nashville (
“Whether the stage is the classroom or the boardroom, behind a microphone or in front of a camera, the Advantage Style Bootcamp can help people shine brightly from the inside out,” Nisé Davies says.
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