To Go or Not to Go to a Christian College

Choosing the college or university to enroll for a first or second degree can be a daunting task. For some students, the institution that is offering their major is their primary consideration. Finance and the total cost of the program is a major factor when choosing a college, but for conservative Christian students, choosing a Christian college could be a major decision. Here are some of the pros and cons of attending a Christian university or college.
Pro: Like Minded Teachers and Students
A Christian college will have professors that maintain a conservative faith-based mindset. Instead of the radical views of liberal thinkers, Christian students will have a chance to meet with teachers who share their belief system. Also, Christians will find it easier to relate with other students with the same values and beliefs. This also enhances the prospects of finding a life partner during the course of study.
Con: Minimal Exposure to Non-Christian Viewpoints
Some parents love a situation where their children will not be “polluted” by liberal people’s ideas. But the essence of courses like the classroom-based and the online master in liberal studies degree is to expose students to divergent views and to help them experience a “universe” of ideas and concepts. Some may be in line with your beliefs while others may be totally strange. So those that attend colleges that only admit conservative Christians will not meet people with divergent views.
Pro: A More Sedate Environment
One issue that serious minded students raise about public colleges is the extremely lively partyatmosphere. It is typical to get into a campus and find people drinking, partying, and dressed up in a very casual or revealing manner. A Christian college will not permit the sale or drinking of alcohol. Rules will also be given for dusk to dawn curfews and visitation. This may suit the conservative student who basically wants to concentrate more on academics than socializing.
Con: Strict Rules and Regulations
Some popular Christian universities insist on dress codes and have different dormitories or hostel accommodation for male and females. There are other rules on general conduct that students also need to follow. But students who are fresh from high school and are living in a regulated environment may not be able to learn how to relate effectively with the other gender.
Pro: Christian Colleges Now Have Online Courses/
Many people who cannot afford the cost of classroom based teaching or who don’t have sufficient time, can now get an education through online training. The Christian dedication and commitment provided through the classroom training is also part of the training. Instructors provide assistance to students through chatrooms, and email. Students are also allowed to enjoy periodic interactive sessions that improve the quality of teaching and learning. The online training system allows people to learn at their own pace and it reduces the restrictions encountered by those who are living on campus.
Con: Limited Interaction with Other Students Online
Students who are studying for the same course may not have a chance to meet each other and build a solid relationship. Most times, the participants in online courses like the online master in liberal studies have tight schedules and they will need to focus on studying their materials quickly so they can finish their courses and take exams.
If attending a conservative Christian college is an important decision for you, you may need to do further research to discover the specific rules for each institution. Visit the campus and find out if you will enjoy studying there for the next two to four years. If not, you can enroll for an online degree.
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